The strong tendency towards digital solutions is visible in practically every sector – from e-commerce and telecom services to travel and mobility. To make the most out of this change, it’s worth taking advantage of the potential of automation. How can your company benefit from automized IT telecommunications solutions?


With the progressive digitalization of our economy, automation tools will be gaining increasing popularity. In some sectors, like in the telecommunications industry, they’ve already become a fundamental part of the business process. Others are slowly moving in this direction.

That doesn’t mean, however, that the expansion of automation leads to downsizing. Quite contrarily – it can optimize the effectiveness of the employees, allowing them to focus on more creative and demanding tasks instead of taking care of the most mundane ones.

Which automation solutions are worth considering when it comes to improving the digital customer journey in the field of telecommunications services? The examples below may come in handy regardless of the sector of your company.

The chatbots

In the last few years, from a fledgling tool, chatbots have turned into standard automation solutions allowing businesses to scale up at a fast pace. Any service provider needs to stay available for the customer, and chatbots allow maintaining that availability 24/7 without hiring additional staff. In the telecom industry, which is strongly based on customer care, using chatbots brings tangible benefits within a short time span.

With chatbots, the telecom companies can take some burden off the employees’ back by doing a pre-selection and sending only the most complex requests to their consultation. The bot can answer the simpler ones, speeding up the whole process, and send the requests to the telecom operators without the intervention of the customer service agent.

Recommendation system

In many sectors, particularly streaming services, accurate recommendations are essential. They increase customer retention and improve the overall user experience. If you are searching for an automation tool that will deliver measurable business outcomes for internet companies, the recommendation system based on effective algorithms may be a good choice, resulting in an enhanced customer experience. Note, however, that using it requires effective data management.

Automation marketing

These tools are used mainly in e-commerce, but the service providers are also getting convinced of its benefits. Sending automated mailing for the abandoned carts, personalizing the marketing e-mails based on the user data, or measuring the customers’ engagement – all these are possible with the automation marketing tools. It’s significant not only for e-commerce businesses but also the telecom service providers¬†and cable companies in order to sell their deals on wire and mobile networks.

Aside from these tools, it’s also worth considering investing in a CRM platform to optimize business operations. When choosing your partner in digital transformation, try focusing on companies specialized in IT Solutions for Telecommunications. This way, you’ll get access to innovative solutions and deep expertise.