If you want to make it in today’s competitive business world, you need every tool at your disposal to make this a possibility.

In today’s business landscape, most of your efforts must be spent in the digital space. Whether this is for marketing purposes or for personal business affairs, having knowledge of the digital space is critical for any business leader’s survival.

Navigating the vast digital universe, however, can be a nightmare for some. You might have a good head for business, but you’d be surprised at how many business leaders out there simply don’t have a lick of digital finesse.

The good news is, many of the tools that you need to use are now being made much more user-friendly than in years past. Here, we’ll discuss three of the most essential tools that you’ll need in order to make it in today’s business world.

ERP Software

If you’re in business, then you know just how frustrating it can be when you find yourself unorganized. Even worse, it can be a nightmare if you lose track of data right before a big business deal.

In order to mitigate any confusion, frustration, and headaches, Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP software is your saving grace.

ERP software came about in a crude form during the 1990s, but today this has been streamlined with the advent of cloud technology. As a business, whenever you need to access data regarding sales, acquisitions, procurement, product status, development, employee tracking, and the like, ERP software allows you to manage all of this from one location, in real-time.

Industry giants also make it much easier to use this software. For example, JDE Consulting offers assistance for its ERP suites such as EnterpriseOne and JD Edwards World.


Truth be told, you can’t really call yourself a business if you’re not doing any marketing work.

This can be thought of as the lifeline for businesses around the world, as nearly every business, even your most humble nonprofit organizations, rely on marketing efforts to bring in customers, investors, and interested parties.

In today’s world, marketing is almost universally done in the digital landscape, however, you also have to attend to traditional marketing methods as well, just to ensure that you’re covering all your bases.

Marketing efforts such as radio and TV ads might be old news to the younger generation. But, these are still effective methods of marketing. Just the same, print ads, flyers, signage, billboards, and direct mail can all still be relied upon to bring in customers.

Bottom line, when it comes to marketing, you have to go digital, but you can’t forget traditional methods as well.

Social Media

Once again, if you’re in business, you need to make yourself visible in every area that a prospective customer may be lurking. And today, most people happily lurk all over social media platforms.

Social media is where all the “cool kids” hang out these days, and many of these “cool kids” are your customers as well. As such, it literally pays to be on social media if you’re running any type of business, large or small.

With a social media presence, you have the ability to be seen by the public, interact with your customers, and post news about events, promotions, products, and anything else relevant to your industry.

For a small business, you can probably get away with managing your own social media business page. But if you’re running a large corporation, your best bet might be to go ahead and hire a social media management team or use automation tools.

Being in business takes hard work, dedication, discipline, and the willingness to learn about new and emerging tools and technologies that can make your life (and your business) easier.

At the end of the day, you’ll be able to stay ahead of the competition as long as you stay up to date on current technological trends in the business world.