eCommerce Sales TipsAre you struggling with producing truckloads of sales — so much that your financial statements make you cringe?

If so, maybe you’re not attracting your shoppers or showcasing your offers and products enough to make them hanker.

With the right promotional tactics, such as leveraging copywriting to supercharge your marketing efforts, you can convince your customers to get your product and then drive your sales through the roof.

Here are seven tips to do that for your ecommerce store.

1. Create gift guides and cards.

Gift guides help your shoppers find the perfect item for their loved ones and stimulate their buying appetite and interest in your products.

If they can’t decide on the item, they can purchase your e-gift card instead and give that to their intended recipients.

That said, use eye-catching designs for your gift guides and launch them three months before the event. 

Indicate who your gifts are for, such as graduates, dads and moms, dog lovers, etc., or for which holiday and special occasion.

For instance, Zero Gravity announced a Father’s Day sale on its banner to introduce gift options:

Zero Gravity Banner
Etsy created a separate page for gift guides, which included not only gifts for specific audiences and events, but also kinds and purposes, such as “gifts under $30,” “personalized gifts,” etc.

Etsy Gift Guide
Design your gift card attractively, too, and dedicate a menu and page for it, so your shoppers know where to go anytime they need to. 

Lucky Brand shows us an example:

Lucky Brand E-gift Card
Lucky Brand provided choices on their gift card designs and amounts and let customers process their purchase on the same page, making the checkout quick and convenient.

Extra tip: To drive organic traffic to your ecommerce site, optimize your keywords for your gift guide and cards to help customers find you when they’re looking for items on search engines.

2. Give away coupons and vouchers.

Coupons make 37% of shoppers buy more than they usually do and sooner than they planned. This makes coupon marketing a great strategy to convince shoppers to buy your products.

Promote your coupons, codes, and vouchers on your banner. That’s what Baxter of California did, flashing the “FAM2020” code to go with its “Friends & Family Sale:”

Flash Coupons
You can also leverage coupons to entice visitors to subscribe to your email newsletters, the way Gap did on its pop-up:

Popup Coupons
Finally, create stunning designs for your coupon giveaway announcements to grab your customers’ attention and make them want to take it.

To ensure these announcements are performing well, monitor them using reliable marketing analytics software. Then, improve your coupon and discount giveaways from the data and insights gathered by the tool.

3. Produce stellar videos.

80% of marketers say that videos have directly contributed to increasing their sales. This shows the power of video marketing in influencing your customers’ decisions to purchase your product.

Produce stellar videos that introduce your brand, highlight the item’s best features, demonstrate how to use it, showcase customer testimonials and influencer reviews, and more.

Feature them on your homepage, product catalog, blog section, or other relevant spaces on your site the way Harry’s did:

Banner Video
On its banner, Harry’s showed a zoomed-in, mini-video of its shaver, highlighting its material and details, along with the product kit and men using it.

You can also publish your videos on your social media channel and embed them on your site. Uploading videos helps you not only save space, but also build your brand on Instagram, Facebook, and other social platforms where your customers flock. This is what Reuzel did:

How to Videos
Now, suppose you’re running out of video content ideas. 

One of the best evergreen marketing tactics you can do is repurpose your previous blog posts and turn them into the right type of video material.

4. Design a huge banner for promos. 

Grab your visitors’ attention and tempt them to buy your products by designing huge, attractive banners for your sale and other promotional offers.

Check out Showpo’s banner:

Showpo's Banner
Showpo’s banner flashed “30% OFF DRESSES” in large, bold letters, with a white medium-sized “Shop Now” button below it.

Here’s another example by Mignon:

Mignon Banner
Align your design with your branding and make it pop through bold, bright colors, minimalist styles, flashing or micro-animations, and other techniques.

Additionally, ensure your design is coherent and make your CTA button noticeable by surrounding it with white spaces, using a contrasting hue, etc. 

These are essential tactics to follow, whether you are deciding between digital marketing or digital advertising as the best strategy for you and put more focus and resources into. 

5. Leverage countdowns.

Evoke a sense of urgency and scarcity in your promotional offers by displaying countdowns on your hello bar, pop-ups, or website banner.

Doing that compels your visitors to take your offers out of fears that they’d miss rare and awesome products, discounts, and other opportunities.

Look at how Bootea flashed its countdowns on its floating hello bar:

Countdown Sale
Bootea put the countdown text in bold letters against a bright yellow hello bar to catch visitors’ attention on its summer sale.

It even showed a timer for customers to order by 11 PM and get them the next day. (Talk about leveraging countdowns.)

On its pop-up, Tarte Cosmetics also displayed the remaining time for a 15%-discount in exchange for its visitors’ email subscription:

Pop-up Countdown
By telling customers how much time they have left to avail of your offer, you help them finalize their purchasing decisions fast — increasing your sales.

6. Launch referral programs.

Through referral campaigns, invite your customers to promote your brand to their friends and get discounts for each friend who signs up to your newsletters, sales offers, or memberships.

Announce your refer-a-friend program on your website, with a link leading to a dedicated page with details and fields for subscribing.

Here’s how Soko Glam did it:

Referral ProgramOn its homepage, Soko Glam flashed a mini pop-up inviting visitors to “Get $10” through their referral program. Clicking the button leads to a page for registering:

Refer a friendLike Soko Glam, simplify your registration process to encourage visitors to complete their enrollment.

You can also devote a page for your referral campaign and display it in your menu, at the bottom of your site, or in other appropriate spaces.

Through referral programs, you curtail your marketing costs and efforts, widen your customer reach, and ramp up your potential sales more efficiently.

7. Run a rewards campaign.

Reward your loyal buyers and encourage new customers to become frequent shoppers in your store by giving points to their every purchase.

Depending on your system, your customers can use their points to offset their purchase amount at the checkout.

Once they accumulate points by the end of a period, they can also convert them to cash, exchange with specific items, carry them over to the next round of the program, etc.

Show off your rewards campaign invitation through pop-ups, icons on your banner or anywhere on your site, etc. Make it visible and create pages for the details and enrolment.

Riveter, for example, does it this way:

Riveter mentions “Rewards” in one of its menus and displays a clickable icon at the fold’s bottom right.

The one on the menu leads to a page explaining the benefits and ways to earn points, while the icon serves as a shortcut and overview of the “Rewards” page.

With excellent rewards programs like this, you motivate your subscribers to buy more products, participate in your promotional activities, etc — increasing your sales, margins, and revenue.

Additional tip: Centralize and organize your marketing and promotional materials by using a reliable digital asset management software for easy sharing and tracking.     

Final Thoughts

Growing your ecommerce sales requires executing clever and carefully planned strategies to attract your ideal customers at the right periods.

It also doesn’t happen overnight — so give it some time and don’t give up easily. Experiment, monitor, and improve your results frequently until you achieve your business performance goals.