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Do you know that marketers who prioritize blogging are 13 times more likely to see a positive ROI? But the problem is; if people don’t visit your blog how do you generate more traffic and sales.

Let’s say you were to write a well researched and very high-quality article, you promote it through social media, launch link building, and put in the effort to try other forms of marketing, just so you can grow your traffic and in turn keep your existing audience engaged – This Is called content marketing.

But the problem is that there are lots of competitors publishing content online at a very very fast rate; social media marketing isn’t just enough to stand out from your competitors, even more, having high traffic, and if you’re a business making sales will be hard – potential customers will most likely click the back button. But here’s the trick is; if your first-time visitor is impressed very strongly with the valuable information on your website, then chances that you’ll likely stand out from your competitors and make a sale are high.

How Do I Create An Impressive Impression For My First-time Visitors?

The speed of your website is very important, it’s good for your website to load in less than 4 seconds, more so, your site’s navigation should be easy to navigate – most especially for a first-time visitor. While this is one factor that can help in creating an impressive impression for your first-time viewers, there’s so much more to know about. It’s also a good trick using the latest SEO strategies, to create a meaningful impression on your first-time visitors. Going forward, Here is a list of tips to follow if you want to create a first-time extraordinary impression for your first-time visitor:

  • You’ve got to design your website professionally to make your content interest your first-time visitors. Your content has to be engaging to get their attention. When a first time-visitor visits your site, it takes him/her 50 milliseconds to form an impression, and within this period they decide to leave your site or not, and guess what? 94% of first-time visitors based their first impression of your website based on its design.
  • More so, the visual appeal of your website determines the overall usability for user satisfaction. You can start by designing a professional theme, and this most appeals to first-time users or scanners – only 2% of visitors spend more than 2 minutes on a blog.
  • Furthermore, your contents should be well written and formatted, writing a large chunk of texts makes the reading experience of the reader very painful. Keep your sentences short and try to write 3-4 lines of sentences per paragraph. More so the first is critical to keeping the reader, so your intro or beginnings should be so interesting in a way that it catches the attention of the reader quickly. An easy way to write a compelling introduction is by using the inverted pyramid style.
  • Images attract the readers, and you should use relevant images in your blog post; this is a nice way of breaking up content and engaging the reader, Dork found out that articles with at least one image got 43% more shares than just contents based on pure texts.
  • Another way to create an Impressive Impression For My First-time Visitors is by highlighting key arguments and ideas from your articles with block quotes – it draws the visitors’ attention.
  • When you tend to show off your affiliation with huge brands and industry influencers — influencer marketing — 59% of marketers increased their influencer marketing budget by 2016. Why? 92% of people trust recommendations from individuals as opposed to brands – even if they don’t know the individuals personally.
  • When creating your content, you have to make webpage copies that are beneficial to the readers, more so with compelling titles. You should write contents that highlight the benefit of your product, service, or information being passed to the user, you’ve got to post contents that can attract your visitor. Use benefit-rich subheadlines to boost the perceived value of your blog posts, don’t write random sub-headers that only break up the content for bad readability.
  • Research keywords and talk to your audience maybe through forums, understand them, and be open to their views and what they have to say. Marketers use SEO campaigns to research important keywords as well as other tools and methods – they do this to understand their customers well enough. Keywords in broad terms mean; finding subjects who have been gaining more search volume over time and subjects that are in demand by your audience. Then deliver content for your readers based on the keywords.

Tips That Will Bring More Traffic And Attention To Your Website

If you aren’t generating enough traffic to your website, you ain’t needed to be stressed about it, there are ways you can increase the traffic of your blog, and one important way is through search traffic, here are some ways you can easily improve your website’s traffic;

Create Viral Contents.

Creating viral content might seem easy for some websites, but it’s all not that easy, people fail to create viral content. There are tricks involved in creating true viral content. If you pay careful attention to established sites that create viral content, you’ll get an insight into how to create viral content.

Use Proper Headlines And Tell Stories.

One easy way of creating content that could go viral is the use of proper headlines – 8 out of 10 people will click to read your content if the headline is captivating. Another way to grab the readers’ attention is with a little bit of storytelling, by doing this you connect with your audience effectively.

Going further, it’s been known that headlines which perform best are polarizing, meaning the readers either love it or hate it and there’s nothing between. But keep in mind, no one likes clickbait; people don’t like clicking on titles that end up being snake oil. A good headline draws the reader’s attention and in turn, encourages them to click the contents – the content should be quality and truthful.

More so, you should make posts that are over 1,000 words, and why are posts containing over 1000 words get more shares than posts with fewer posts? In more light more words means new chances for SEO, and in turn, this means a higher conversion rate.

You should, have a good idea, an idea should be viral-worthy, and here are simple ways you can do that: Understand your audience, Use Ubersuggest to generate content ideas, generate ideas from useful comments, use a topic generator to generate content ideas, you can also generate ideas from reviews, etc.

Create Evergreen List Posts.

When you create an evergreen post you tend to increase your website’s traffic, even more, an evergreen post can generate traffic years after the original publication. Evergreen post sees contents having sustained and continued success. Here is what you can do when creating evergreen content:

So, how do you know if a topic has the potential of being evergreen? Well, they are two ways you can know;

First things first you should write on a popular topic or title, find out if there is at least one magazine or publication based on the topic you choose to write about for a post on your blog. Secondly, you can go to then type your primary keyword into the search box and get results. Good evergreen content makes or addresses a specific promise, as they’re also useful.

More so, if you’re making a list post, the higher the number the better. More so, you should use the information to get creative with your posts and know this; people will only click. The headline, if it’s interesting. You must know that you shouldn’t copy headlines from other websites, only use them as an inspiration to create a better one that aligns with your audience.

Google search engine is the number 1 driver of sales and leads, hence you have to ensure your idea is killer, and it hasn’t already been listed in Google’s index. How do I do this?

  • Visit
  • Search for your headline (in double quotes for an exact match).
  • Observe the results. If there are no results, there are no competition and a huge opportunity to rank well in the SERPs.

Other ways you can create a timeless post that can generate traffic consistently are;

  • Expand your horizons – if you’ve got problems in creating a perfect post, you can search for relevant forums, discussion boards, register, read threads and look for issues that might just have the answer you’re looking for.
  • Research – read relevant blogs, newsletters, and magazines of your niche to get answers to challenging questions. With this, you have an insight on how to create your evergreen blog article.
  • Promote – once you end up following the steps above and you publish an evergreen post although, this might be a very good thing, it’s simply not enough. You’ve got to share your post or posts on social media — Facebook, Twitter — you can even send outreach mail to your friends, colleagues, business partners, even better, industry experts, and they will most likely share it with you on their networks and in turn, improve your traffic.

Use the Long-tail Keyword.

You’ve got to share your post or posts on social media — Facebook, Twitter — you can even send outreach mail to your friends, colleagues, business partners, even better, industry experts, and they will most likely share it with you on their networks and in turn, improve your traffic. Compared to “antique love seat” this kind of search term will likely make people buy.

More so long-tail keywords are great because they open the searcher’s intents, in other words, you get to know what they’re looking for. They also tell you how you can structure your content, and this solves the searcher’s problem. The truth is if someone isn’t interested in buying something, they won’t. But if they are interested in buying, your content should be focused on benefits and product features and in turn, deliver it to them. They help in meeting a specific need. There are three plans you can use to dominate Google’s top 10 with long-tail keywords, and they’re Google Autocomplete, Google Keyword Planner, and Writing.

Using Long Tail Keywords will increase your traffic and competition – an example is “gas” is a popular word, but it’s also vague and generic, a lot of people will probably be searching for it, and a majority won’t have any interest in buying anything. Long-tail keywords cost less per click, you can pinpoint some industry customer paths using Google’s digital marketing toolbox – this will show you what channels are your top performers.

Generate Traffic Through Email Generation.

Do you know there are over 3.7 billion email accounts worldwide, and more than 269 billion emails are sent every day? More so, on average for every $1, you spend on email marketing you’ll most likely make $30 back. Factoring all these, you might think this easy, but it’s all not that easy. There are ways you can run a successful marketing campaign and here’s how;

First thing first, you have to build an elite list of engaged customers, that’ll most likely open your email, the list might not be all so much, but the little list you have can make you succeeded well enough – the benefit of building an email list is important because you can easily send newsletters and collect targeted leads, more so the click-through rate might be oh so high, you’ll get referrals through the word of the mouth.

Your email list will be one of the sources for your qualified traffic. Factoring all these now. You now know the benefits of email marketing.

Here are ways you can set up a successful marketing campaign or build a list of an elite list through your blog articles; Also, take advantage of Cost Per Click advertising. It’s cheaper.

If you want more attention on your blog, you can also try guest blogging, it’s a proven way to increase the traffic to your landing page, and in turn, build your list. It’s a proven fact that a blogger can record a 203% increase in traffic growth through guess posts that are featured on high traffic and relevant blogs. While doing this you must target a select group of keywords with specific long-tail keyword phrases.