Whether you operate in the food and hospitality sector, have your own online coffee store, or concentrate on health and fitness, the amount of success your startup receives will be determined by how you market and promote it. Once you’ve established your target audience, here is the ultimate guide on how to boost brand awareness for your startup.

startup increase brand awarenessUse Social Media

Whether you’re a fan or prefer to avoid it, know that social media is a powerful platform that all startups should use. With the COVID-19 outbreak transforming the way businesses operate, more and more startups are running their services online. Setting up a business page on social media can be a fantastic way to connect with consumers, keep your audience updated with the latest developments, and most importantly, increase brand awareness.

Create an Email List

Email marketing is another key method that you can use to increase brand awareness for your startup. No matter who your target demographic is, most of them will likely have an email address. Creating an email list and sending out targeted messages will keep your followers in tune with what’s going on in your business. If you want to launch a product, or give special discounts and offers to your audience, developing an email list is key.

Create an Eye-Catching Logo

Your logo is the first thing consumers will see about your brand. This means you need to have a hard think about how you want your business to be projected to others. The right logo can make all the difference and help you run a successful brand. If you sell products, designing your own packaging and using an eye-catching logo is critical for boosting brand awareness. Your logo will establish brand recognition, professionalism, and help you stand out from competitors.

Run Your Own Blog

With many business owners having to work from home due to COVID-19, you may have more time on your hands than ever before. If you aren’t sure how to get your startup off the ground, setting up your own blog can be a great way to make consumers take notice of what you have to say. Blogging can boost revenue, increase website traffic, and turn prospective customers into dedicated followers. Regardless of what your expertise is, your blog can feature tutorials, expert advice, and provide value for your readers.

Contact an Influencer

In recent years, marketers and businesses have used influencers as a way to build brand awareness. Whether it’s popular celebrities, YouTubers, or Instagrammers, many consumers are more likely to buy into your products and services if they see people they resonate with promoting them. Reaching out to influencers to market your brand can boost your follower count, increase revenue, and make people stick around. You must create a budget beforehand as some influencers will charge more for their services than others.

With half of startups failing within their first year of operation, you can avoid falling into this statistic by following the strategies above and implementing them into your business.