Digital marketing isn’t the talk of the days in recent times. Each of the business owners has now realized the importance of going digital and look forward to the immense growth opportunities lying in this domain. To some extent, people think that it’s easy to get things done due to too much commonly observed stuff.

Well, those who have this kind of perception have got it obviously wrong. Digital Marketing is a fast-evolving domain and you simply can’t rest on the knowledge you have gained just yesterday. It takes the rigorous application of concepts and strategies that lead to a result-oriented digital marketing strategy.

Fortunately, we have specialized marketing and analysis tools that help us to make informed decisions. Along with these well-known set of tools and software, there are always a bunch of lesser-known tools applicable for digital marketers. They help you immensely in getting micro tasks done swiftly rather than relying on a human to do it repeatedly with chances of human error. Let’s go through these 5 tools that are going to make your lives more convenient as a digital marketer.

1.   Using A Secure Encrypted Network

Often we neglect the importance of connecting securely to our internet connections. The main cause of data vulnerability remains the use of insecure internet connections. As a digital marketer, we are rigorously using browsers saved passwords and login credentials to various business-sensitive websites. Once our connection becomes vulnerable, each of the data we hold on our machine becomes vulnerable.

The solution to this lies in a VPN download that will help you to connect your devices safely to the internet. Also as a digital marketer, we often look to use different location IPs to check website performance overall from different regions. Having a professional VPN would allow you to do so. With the rise of cybercrime globally, the use of a VPN becomes imminent if you are looking to make a fortune out of the digital world.

2.   Facebook Groups

Facebook groups have become quite an interactive marketplace in recent times. Niche-specific communities have been formed over there and it is quite a learning place for digital marketers. The best part about being associated with the digital marketing domain is that you can’t master all of the tasks. You can be aware of them but executing those is a completely different thing.

If you enjoy decent social currency for your business, then you have a better chance of closing leads as well as learning from other people’s experiences. Ecommerce based facebook groups also exist for now and you can openly promote your products and services there. It might seem like an odd job but it is all about how personalized and authoritative you can be out there.

3.   Snov

If you want your business to grow, you have to work vehemently towards lead generation. Email marketing stays one of the important components of lead generation and you could be missing out big by not practicing these old school marketing strategies.

Snov helps you to get verified leads from any business website that you wish to interact with. It can be an all-in-one solution for the whole email marketing process involved. You should be definitely looking towards the use of Snov to see if any results can be obtained.

4.   Seo Quake

This is the most loved free SEO extension. It gets you the desired data with the utmost convenience and no costs attached. Along with the SEO metrics, quite vital in digital marketing, it shows you the domain age and can quickly sort out SERPs with different criteria. With too much buzz around the latest marketing tools, SEO Quake has managed to maintain its relevancy due to a nice user experience in real-time competition analyses.

5.   Canva

With too much talk about the use of photoshop and the expertise required to create useful designs, Canva has made lives quite easier. Canva comes with plenty of editable graphic work templates that works quite well for digital marketers with limited marketing budgets. You should be definitely trying this one out and you can also inculcate uniform brand colors and fonts with the paid version.

These were 5 of the lesser-known or used tools that are able to make life easier as a digital marketer. If you haven’t been using them, you definitely ought to try them out. They all have free versions too to get you a sense of their usefulness. Let’s hope you really make a fortune out of your efforts in the coming times as a digital marketer.