Website design plays a huge role in attracting new customers, generating leads and growing business. If you are failing to retain the visitors, you can enhance the website design by implementing these tips:

website design sales traffic

1) Responsive Design

These days, you need to use mobile marketing to reach your customers. However, you can’t retain the customers on mobile unless your website design is responsive. Remember, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets come in different shapes and sizes. Only if your website is responsive, it can adapt to different screen sizes properly. When a website is presented in a way that’s perfect for a specific screen size, it encourages the user to stay on the website for as long as possible.

2) Right Colors, Images, and Logo Placement (and Creation)

Visuals are everything in website design. So, you need to pick the right colors and images for your website. Make sure that the images you pick are compressed (for short loading times), high-quality, and relevant to the content you are using them for. As for the colors, you need to study color psychology to understand how different colors affect us emotionally. Then you need to use colors that go in line with your website’s mission statement and principles.

You also need to create a unique and attractive logo that fits your website’s niche and place it in an apt spot in your website. Don’t have cash, no worries you can create your own logo by using an advanced logo maker online and it won’t cost much.

3) Website Organization

Every good website design focuses on user experience. So, when you finalize your website design, check how the navigation works. It should be arranged in a way that the users are able to find anything they need on the website in a few clicks. One good way to get it done is to categorize you content and create a hierarchy for the categorizes. Another way to get this done properly is to find a custom Miami web design company and ask them for any tips regarding your strategy, or even let them do all of the heavy lifting.

4) Usage of White Space

White space is not wasted space. When used creatively, it can give your website a unique and special appeal. Many website designers use white space to guide the visitors’ attention to a specific spot on the website. In fact, some experts say that if you don’t use white space in your website, you can end up making your website look overcrowded. If you want to learn how to use white space creatively, you can study popular websites that use white space like the one below.

website design white space

5) Dealing with Site Errors

It’s a good practice to perform site audit on a regular basis. It allows you to identify website errors and fix these errors to improve user experience. For instance, there can be 404s or broken links in the website that you need to fix.

To fix site errors, you should check all the new internal links on your website. You should also check the links that take the users to outside pages. If these pages don’t exist anymore, you can update the links. There are many website audit tools that will help you check that all is ok with your site.

6) Using Trust Elements – Reviews and Testimonials

Trust is a key factor in building relationships. If you want to build a relationship with your website visitors, then you need to use trust elements such as reviews and testimonials in your website. In fact, reviews and testimonials help you to increase your visitor’s trust instantly compared to other things such as eBooks, videos, blog posts, etc.

There are several things you can do to add trust elements to your website. You can share the images of real customers who had positive experience with your brand, put snippets of their personal stories, etc. You can also add social sharing buttons that show how many follows/fans you have on different social media platforms.

So, there you have it- 6 amazing tips on boosting website traffic and sales with the help of improved website design. Implement them all, and you are sure to observe a positive impact on your website’s performance.