We all would agree to the fact that our cable providers also want to be our phone providers or vice versa. While cable giants like Spectrum would want you to subscribe to Silver package Spectrum, they would also want you to take their phone services as part of the triple play plans. Bundle offers are getting more and more common. We also see some big mergers in the struggle for offering multiple services and beating the high competition with the dominating companies. We also observe the prices of cable companies rising as the cable networks continue to hike their cost. An insight into this would be the fact that the live sports networks charge more as cable companies are willing to pay for them to reduce the chances of losing subscribers. After all, live sports is one of the areas where cable providers have an edge over the streaming or sport fewer alternatives. In this scenario, bundle offers are gaining more and more attention where you can combine cable with internet and/or phone services at cheaper rates. And there is an increasingly popular trend of phone video and we see more people spending a major part of their time on their phones.  Let us look deeper into the various aspects involved in cable companies pushing us to opt for their phone services:

Hot Spots and Wireless networks

There is no denying the fact that we are spending more time on our phones than any other smart device. This is why cable companies offer wireless hotspot facility to offer better wireless internet coverage to the users. Big cable companies want to expand their wireless coverage and networks. This has also resulted in mergers with mobile carriers. This is the reason we see the main cable tycoons more interested in buying the mobile carriers in the country.

The Idea of Bundling

Bundling services introduced by the cable companies offer a good margin to save money. So by bundling your cable TV with phone and/or internet service can help you avail good discounts. So a cheaper price is something that clicks us as a user and we do not mind taking phone services along. Though a home phone service which is a common bundle item is something we no longer use actively, this is where the cable companies allure us by providing them as part of the bundle deal that is overall very budget-friendly and appealing. It is better to check if your cable provider offers mobile phone bundles as they are more useful. However, the bundle offer might be worth it as it is likely to provide you the phone service at a much-reduced cost. So it is worth considering. After all, cost efficiency matters!

Ask Yourself-Do you need The Phone Service?

No doubt bundle offers might seem very alluring because of the features and perks they offer but there is no point to pay for a service that you might not need. It is better to look for providers who offer mobile phone services along with TV and the internet so you do not have to avail the home phone service in case you do not use it.

Check Bundle Contract Before you Subscribe

Read the fine print to check for all the details and be sure to know what you are signing for. More often the advertised bundle price does not include the additional charges like installation fee, equipment fee, taxes, etc if any.

Cord-Cutter? Bundling Phone can Still be An Option

If you are among those who have given up on the traditional cable but still want to take benefit from bundling to access mobile/phone and internet services, you might be able to do that. Look out for the providers around you that offer internet and preferably mobile if needed or phone service to enjoy discounted prices. It also gives you the perk of managing both the services under one bill that is much more convenient.

The Bottom Line

You must first identify if you need a phone or mobile service along with internet and/or cable TV. If yes, you should surely opt for the best bundle offers available in your area to enjoy cheaper prices, better customer support service, and ease of managing multiple services under one bill.