Search engine optimization or SEO is defined as the technology implemented to improve the quality & quantity of traffic to a certain site. It can simply be broken down into three parts;

  1. Traffic quality: It helps to improve the quality of traffic by attracting visitors to your site. It refers to organic traffic, for instance, if someone is in search of ladies’ tops, & your site is selling the same thing. This will be the genuine traffic which is interested in your product. 
  2. Traffic quantity: When someone will click on your site through any SERP, he’ll be automatically converted to the visitor & added to the number of people visiting your site, thus increasing the traffic. 
  3. Organic results: This refers to any result for which you are not paying. This is usually done through ads

These three factors, when combined, help to create brand/website awareness, multiply profits & build connections in your relevant niche. In short, to run your online business successfully, SEO is the key.

SEO consultation

The Internet is growing so fast, so getting ranked in SERP is very important. Typically, most of the website owners are not experts in doing search engine optimization. Therefore seo consultation is recommended. 

SEO consultants are the site owners pay experts on search engine optimization of websites & for the advice & expertise they share. With SEO consulting, you’ll get knowledge on how to improve rankings in SERP & ultimately earn more profits. It’ll help you in the following things;

  • Diagnose & resolve SEO related issues 
  • Keyword Mapping
  • Attain higher ranking & visibility
  • Comprehensive site audit 
  • Make SEO strategy recommendations
  • Off-page seo & link building management 

What to look for when hiring an SEO consultant?

Satisfied clients

The very first thing you need to look for is the number of former & current clients. It will help you determine how effective the candidate is & what the caliber of the SEO consultant is. You’ll also get to know the past experience of the consultant & figure out if he can help you in positive search ranking, especially when it comes to conversions & gaining an audience.

Experience in local search results

Also, see if the consultant is an expert in improving local search results. If your website is optimized for local search by using the relevant keywords, title tags, & meta descriptions to your business, there is a great probability that your site gets ranked in local Google, Bing, or Yahoo in the local setting.

How will they communicate?

Different SEO consultants use different modes to communicate with clients. Always go for the one who offers you the most convenient way to communicate; this can either be through Skype, whatsApp, texting, email, or a phone call. Prefer the client who agrees to conduct a meeting in person & talk to you over the phone or an online meeting in order to let you know about the ongoing progress. 


SEO plays an important role in the online success of your business, so do not take it for granted. Hire an SEO consultant to improve the search engine optimization of your site & increase your profits & revenues.