PowerPoint Template Digital MarketingPowerPoint presentations are everywhere, be it conventions, boardroom meetings or executive conferences. PowerPoint has revolutionized the digital marketing niche and has helped tremendously in promoting the products and services to an audience of potential buyers. A PowerPoint presentation is all about taking your audience on an emotional roller-coaster ride. The presentation is the foundation of the company’s key online marketing activities. You need to carefully plan your digital marketing presentation since it will build awareness about your services, products and brand, as a whole. It is your digital reach which will drive visits to your website, the way you create and deploy digital marketing media plays a crucial role in the same.

A digital marketing presentation should encompass and showcase the capabilities of your digital strategy, social touchpoints, data & infrastructure, resourcing, performance improvement process and more. Your presentation should throw light on important digital marketing methodologies such as e-mail marketing, social media marketing, pay-per-click marketing, viral marketing, push & pull marketing and more. You can also use marketing PowerPoint templates to get your job done. Using a ready to use template will provide a robust structure to your slides and it will help you engage with your audience much better. You can also depict a digital marketing strategy timeline for an out of the box understanding of your clients, stakeholders etc. Let’s move ahead and talk about the best digital marketing PowerPoint templates

Digital Marketing Channels Showcase:

When it comes to discussing details about your digital marketing strategy in detail, this template can be a great resource. Every successful digital marketing strategy is based on a blueprint. It is only then flow can be established featuring adopted methodologies and touchpoints. Digital Marketing Channels Showcase template can help you take your audience on a journey. When pitching to a group of potential stakeholders, your digital marketing strategy should speak clearly. It is imperative to get hold of your audience’s attention. The template comes with 11 attractive slides crafted for perfection. You can showcase different social media channels, products and website pages.

Digital marketing methodologies such as traditional marketing, social media marketing, email marketing etc. can all be showcased in an out of the box manner. The template makes use of images sparingly. Hence, ensuring balance text is complemented by visuals. The audience of today expects an intriguing experience. Slides over-cluttered with text can cause ‘Death By PowerPoint’. The template provides a robust structure for your slides. Plus, you can edit these templates. Each and every slide element is 100% editable. Your slides should support your claims, the template lets you back your claims with relevant data in an engaging format. 

Content Marketing Matrix:

Creating a content marketing plan requires a set of goals, executing tasks, measuring metrics and segmenting the audience. Having a documented content strategy is a blessing in disguise. It’s important to outline digital marketing strategies and methodologies for creating a state of the art content. If you’re wondering how to create a content marketing plan using PowerPoint templates, Content Marketing Matrix can be a game-changer. The template helps you visualise content marketing processes into four quadrants. Customer emotional response has been showcased on the vertical axis, while customer marketing lifecycle is depicted by the horizontal axis.

Less is always more when it’s about presenting slides. Content Marketing Matrix templates come pre-packed with attractive images, infographics and charts. The template upholds design consistency throughout the presentation. Crafted by professionals, the template takes due care of formatting, overall tone and aesthetics. It’s always important to utilize the white space in slides. Information, when presented through visuals can easily be retained. The template offers ample visual elements for featuring multimedia elements such as images, videos, infographics etc.

Marketing Automation Process: 

The Marketing Automation Process template lets you attract as well as engage stakeholders. You can showcase ideal channels for marketing such as Blogging, SEM, Social Media, Outreach, Email, Retargeting and more. Your PowerPoint will help you move potential customers into the sales funnel. A digital buyer’s journey is a three-step process, awareness, consideration and decision. The template lets you engagingly depict the same. Right from data collection, segmentation of leads and targets, workflows to delivery, Marketing Automation Process template helps in building relationships and driving customers to the buy cycle. 

The 4-step diagram template is the best pick for marketers and strategists for organizing data and building workflow automation. The template adds a contemporary style to your presentation slides. Whether you’re pitching your innovative idea to clients or conducting a webinar for training purposes, depicting fundamentals of your digital marketing campaign and that too the right way is important. Apart from Microsoft PowerPoint, the template is highly compatible with popular presentation software such as Keynote, Google Slides and OpenOffice. Marketing process automation templates ensure efficacy when it comes to engaging the audience, generating interest and driving your message across the group of audience. 

RACE Digital Marketing Framework:

RACE or Reach, Act, Convert or Engage is one of the most popular frameworks for boosting digital marketing strategies and efforts. Digital marketers can effectively create as well as manage their digital strategies in a structured manner. RACE Digital Marketing Framework template helps you describe bits and pieces of your digital marketing plan easily. You can easily cover the absolute customer lifecycle and create attractive presentations.The template is fully editable. You can change icons, backgrounds, text, alter images as per your choice.

RACE framework is designed to define goals and strategies, grow the audience, engage with subscribers, achieve sales and encourage repeat business. Around the world, marketers use the framework for analysing their digital marketing strategies, find any loopholes and boost productivity. The 10-slide RACE template can be your companion for developing game-changing digital marketing plans.