link building trendsLink building is a core component of modern-day digital marketing strategies, with a Moz survey showing that 90% of all participants employ content as a tactic for earning links. This is because around 75% of SEO is actually obtained from off-page sources – i.e. those which exist outside your own website. Linked content ranks higher in SERPS, as its popularity means it is trustworthy, entertaining or informative; at the very least it shows your content is well-connected. If honing your link building strategy is on the cards, then following the latest trends may be helpful.

Using Purposeful Links

One trend that is dominating link building strategy involves the use of purposeful links – those that solve a problem, address a common query, or provide creative ways to approach an industry specific issue. When creating a link, you should know the audience you are targeting, conduct research into popular queries, and provide them with a solution via the link. This tactic is part of creating genuine value that search engines will recognize and reward you for. You can use calls to action to indicate the solution to a problem, but you will have to strike the right balance so that the language in your link does not sound like advertising for a product or service.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is a magnificent way to build an audience organically. However, in order to be effective, it should be posted on the right channels, since pitching to a handful of respective sites will be far more beneficial than offering your content to a plethora of sites that are less related to your niche. Not only should the sites you choose lie within your speciality; they should also show that they perform well – i.e. their following, engagement and domain authority should be optimal. In terms of the latter, go for sites with a domain authority of between 50 and 60. A link building service may be your option if you require assistance with research into these aspects. This is especially true if you are considering using paid links to get your content into authentic influencer pages belonging to leaders in your industry.

Using Press Releases 

In addition to posting content on your social media channels, you can also employ public or press releases to share vital information such as changes in technology or law pertaining to your sector. Doing so selectively will strengthen trust with your audience and establish authority, while also providing useful information that recipients can access by clicking on the links you provide. When drafting a release, ensure that there is enough useful content and information that holds value independently of the products and services you offer. When it comes to providing links, keep it to one or two at a maximum, once again to make the release seem less like advertising.

When it comes to creating a winning link building strategy, three trends that continue to dominate the field include the use of purposeful links, guest posting, and (newer to the game but very effective) the publication of press or public releases. To ensure your strategy remains organic, make constant creation of valuable content a top priority. Your audience should know that every time they click on a posting, they will receive something in return. Successful link building is very much a give-and-take practice, but gains for your company will often be in the long rather than the short-term.