Digital marketing efforts are futile if campaigns do not incorporate novel techniques to stay relevant in Google’s search engine. Over the past two years, the sophisticated algorithms of Google have embraced revolutionary changes. These changes have a profound impact on how digital marketing gurus plan, implement and execute online campaigns.

Staying wary of these changes is the first step towards gaining success in the online realm. Here we have explained modern trends within the world of SEO, and what’s in store for the future. Curating marketing strategies, by incorporating these trends is the way forward for all SEO enthusiasts.

The Rise Of AI

The genie of artificial intelligence is unleashed, and it is not going back anytime soon. The use of AI is a trailblazing force within the world of SEO and is guiding its evolutionary path.

Google has changed the SEO realm by the introduction of the trailblazing AI module- BERT. The Bidirectional Transformers for Language Understanding, allows Google to understand how language and words are used in a search’s context. SEO experts say that optimizing for BERT is nearly an impossible task, so the question is what efforts do you make rank better?

The answer is offered by seasoned digital marketing agencies, such as Operatio Marketing. Marketing efforts should now primarily focus on developing organic content, one that naturally aids online consumers and has the highest of quality. Writing high-utility content that is targeted to provide solutions to users is the way to go around BERT.

Voice Search Is Not Going Anywhere

If there is one defining characteristic of the modern world, its convenience enabled by technology. The use of voice to search brings about a seismic shift in the world of SEO, as optimization efforts now have to focus on the probable phrases that people are likely to speak when searching, as compared to typing.

The rate at which voice search is growing is still small because people still believe that the voice detection services within devices are not that accurate, but the important thing is that this phenomenon is sweeping its way through the world of search.

Google’s Answering Solution- Speakable

Keeping an eye on Speakable- Google’s assistant that finds answers to specific questions- is also important. Campaigns for news sites and blogs that post content relevant to personal queries can benefit from this module. This service quickly searches three articles that include relevant information regarding a question and compiles an answer. It also extends the feature of text-to-speech playback.

The most important takeaway from the resurgence of voice is that the assistant also immediately sends the URL of articles directly to the user’s mobile device. This can be highly lucrative for blogs and domains that belong to the news and information niche.

Focusing On Truth Value Rather Than Quantity

Google is focusing on the net reputation, expertise, and trustworthiness of domains, publishers, and contributors who publish independently, or on the behalf of a brand or company. This means that those companies that are suffering from a falling reputation, or poor consumer reviews regarding the quality and accuracy of their content will have a difficult time competing.

In this situation, staying relevant and visible requires a sustained effort to slowly build authority and expertise to build relevant credentials before writing on a specific niche. Establishing a coveted portfolio is essential.