Getting tired of sitting at home yet? The Coronavirus pandemic affects us all. That said, you’re probably looking to fuel your business’s growth when the economy bounces back from quarantine life. You also may have a bit of time on your hands between now and then.

Feeling Productive? Same. Take the Time to Shore Up Your Marketing.

Heck, if you’re anything like your favorite client-side writer, you might have realized new you’re more productive than ever and decided to take on more work. Well guess what? There are probably a few things you could be doing to preheat your company’s recovery.

The Social Isolation Quick Fix Series: Let My Solitude Bring You Closer to Customers

That’s why, somewhere under the brick and steel of a nondescript building, I’m launching my quarantine quick fix series to help you out. What is the quarantine quick fix series? Well, it’s a few short blogs over the next few weeks designed to help you shore up your marketing. It’s a way for me to avoid looking unproductive without lying on timesheets. It’s my alternative to building a winter wonderland as I socially distance in my basement.

Maybe these are things you have been putting off, maybe these are things you haven’t heard of. Either way, they’re things you can spend an hour or so on that can help your company hit the ground running when we all get back to the office.

What Can You Expect?

Whether these posts help you solidify your marketing efforts, take control of your day, or show off your value, these bite-sized blogs are going to show you how to make your marketing efforts more productive.

Compared to my normal 2,000-word novels, these are going to deliver the quick, actionable advice you can use.

But… now that you have the time, you should probably check out my content shock manifesto, my economic argument explaining why your content isn’t reaching people, my tips on making your content the best thing since sliced bread, and my great moments in content initiative.

In these 500-word-ish articles, I’ll give you the basics on one specific topic and how to go at it. Be sure to follow @StevenKluber and @ModMktgPartners on Twitter and bookmark this page, because I’ll link to each blog below.

Hit the Ground Running: Get to Know Modern Marketing Partners

Even during this pandemic, we’re working hard. As one of those businesses more than capable of working from home, we have been putting in a ton of work to ensure our clients not only survive the short downturn, but that they’re primed for growth after this short downturn.

If you’re looking to make the most of the massive bounce that’s going to happen after the Coronavirus dip ends, you’re going to want to know us. Click here for a free website analysis and get to know more about us here.