They say spring is the most popular time for remodeling. For many people, who have just been cooped up indoors during the winter months with time on their hands to notice home improvements they would like made, this makes sense. Now, it’s time for businesses to consider a little spring rejuvenation project too.

You’ve probably had your company website for years. You may have even redesigned it in the past few years (hopefully, yes. If not, please contact us – seriously.) You know your site forward and backward; you add images, include customer reviews, and even add new content regularly (well, pretty regularly). Kudos to you indeed.

However, when is the last time you thought about your FAQ page? You know that page or series of pages that answers visitors questions and concerns about your products and services. Not in a long while, right? Well it’s high time to show a little love to your FAQ page because it has the potential to be so much more than just an online resource for answering repetitive questions.

Consider the fact that if a visitor is already looking for answers to specific product or business practice questions, it is quite likely they are already thinking about purchasing or working with your company. Your FAQ page is that gateway to furthering your relationship by educating prospects and building their trust.

So your FAQ section definitely needs to have carefully crafted content like the rest of your website. We’ve got some ideas for you. Try these seven tactics from content experts to help your FAQ section reach its full potential.

Make your FAQs searchable. Your FAQ section may be dense with text and full of important information. Help users navigate the pages easily and get to what they’re looking for quickly.

Use Graphics, Infographics & Videos. Sometimes something can be better said with images than text. So Show v Tell when possible. If you have videos describing a solution include it with the answer.

Encourage Sharing. Try embedding direct links in your FAQ answer so that it is simple for people to share answers outside of your site.

Also remember if you’ve got some really good answers, feel free to post them elsewhere, such as on your Facebook page, blog, LinkedIn or YouTube channel. You can even send them to current customers as part of a referral email campaign.

Link to other Relevant Content. Remember to treat your FAQ answers as a doorway to other content and information on your site. If appropriate include links to specific product or service pages deeper in your site or your current promotion, a demo video or product infographic to help them continue learning more about your company.

Create Transparency. Focus on clear communication that directly answers the user’s question or concern. Try to not shy away from the tough questions. If you do this well, you are essentially removing an obstacle in the path of a prospect becoming a customer.

Show Your Personality. Support your brand efforts on your FAQ pages. Extend your personality into your answers and let users continue to see and feel your company, helping them get to know you better.

Address Infrequently Asked Questions. Didn’t find your question? Give visitors a format to ask the questions they need answered. Provide an email solution like or include a short Contact Us form to handle additional inquiries.

These tactics will help make your FAQ page an asset. You need to be continually updating this section on your site. And include these answers as part of your content strategy so they get the same time and treatment given to your other content.

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