Social media can be a really important tool for your business, but it can require a lot of work. With plenty of tasks likely on your marketing plate, it’s easy to forget to post on social media. That’s why you should be using automation tools to help you get the job done. You can schedule multiple posts (among other social tasks) and avoid forgetting or wasting time everyday uploading new posts.

Why is social automation a good pick?

One of the most important benefits of social automation is the time it saves. You’ll spend less time on repetitive tasks, like uploading social posts one by one. This eliminates a dreaded chore and some unnecessary stress. Further, your time is now freed up to focus on other more active tasks, like responding to feedback.

What can I do with automated posts?

Automated posts can provide evergreen content, consistent posting, and a dashboard for all your social platforms.

Evergreen Content – If you have content that is still relevant, but posted some time ago, you can have automation tools repost it when it will make the maximum impact possible. 

Time of Day – Ensure that your content is posted consistently by having a schedule put into place well in advance.

Utilize Multiple Platforms – If you are sharing the same content across multiple social media platforms, leverage automation tools to save time and hassle.

Can anything go wrong with my automation strategy?

Automation can never be your only marketing tactic. You still need to monitor your social networks and respond to customer comments. Further, your page should be trying to engage with other accounts to encourage organic engagement. Never neglect these tasks, because they’re key to growth. Additionally, even though the bulk of your messages will be automated, it’s good to try to hop on a social trend for added attention.

As far as personal messages on social media, be careful with automation. Many messages come across as spammy; it’s very obvious when a follower is receiving the same welcome message as everyone else. Also, if you have automated responses, proceed with caution. It would be a big mistake to send an automated message completely unrelated the customer’s comment or question.

Make Your Life Easier With Social Media Automation

Social media automation can’t replace active management, but it can lessen the time spent on it. Automation simply makes sense for any business trying to build a social presence and will do wonders for your social perception.