Has your engagement on your online content ever been much lower than expected? While this can be a very saddening moment in any content creator’s life, there is something that can be done to save you from that disappointment in the future.

While you can promote your content yourself via social media or email, sometimes you just need to get beyond your own audience to have the most success or get ideas for new articles. Content promotion could be just what you need.

Content promotion services put your content on websites that have a wide audience and reach, which results in much more traffic for your site. The ultimate goal would be to make those random visitors regulars in order to build a bigger audience, but one-click visits are a great place to start.

These five online services are great options if you are looking to expand your reach using content promotion:


Claiming to be the “world’s largest discovery platform”, Taboola will open your content to an audience of 88% of US internet users, in turn making you less dependent on your own social media sharing.

content promotion

Whether you’re looking to share articles or advertisements, this platform can expose you to over 1 billion global unique visitors monthly. This site allows for targeting your posts to a specific audience, which will make your content even more clickable. The price varies per quote. To check how much it would be for you, fill out the form at the bottom of their home page.


According to Outbrain, they reach a global audience of 557 million each month and they are used by 80% of the world’s leading brands, such as GE, Ford and The New York Times.


You pick your daily budget (at least $10) and they promote you until your budget limit is reached, only paying for actual clicks that lead to your content. They will not post any ads you submit, so keep that in mind while choosing your service.


If you can navigate through their very elaborate website into what this service really has to offer, you will find some great options for getting your content promoted by influencers.


The site is filled with examples of promotion from customers like Jillian Michaels, Mercedes Benz and American Family Insurance, increasing its credibility. According to IZEA, clients have seen up to 10x the engagement using their services. IZEA also has you covered if you need any custom content created for your brand, including photos, videos and infographics. While the cost is not clear, they ask that you schedule a consultation (you can do this on the Promoted Posts page on their site) to personalize your cost to you.

Just Retweet:

Twitter users, this one’s for you. Just Retweet works off of a credit system. You get 100 credits to start and can earn more by retweeting or liking other members content.

Just Retweet

All submitted tweets do have to go through approval, so don’t think you can get away with just promoting anything. They don’t allow sales pages, press releases or ad-stuffed pages. This platform is truly controlled by what you choose to do and is a great option for any beginner in content promotion.

Viral Content Bee:

What’s the buzz? Viral Content Bee claims to offer *free* promotion on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Stumbleupon that will increase your traffic by 200%.

Viral Content Bee

It doesn’t stop there. You will also build your Twitter following all while seeing your username retweeted every single hour. Of this list, Viral Content Bee is probably the most underdeveloped service, but it seems to offer some really great options for starting out with content promotion. However, the whole *free* thing is still a little ambiguous.

Content promotion doesn’t have to be as complicated as it may seem. Using these services you can get the most out of your content and increase your page visits immediately and over time. With algorithms making your audience more selective, now is the best time to make sure you are doing what you can to be seen.