Email marketing may not be the flashiest or newest form of digital marketing, but it’s tried and true and still extremely effective. One potential challenge, however, is making your email stand out. Consumers filter through their emails every day, clicking only what interests them, and ignoring or deleting the rest.

How can you avoid being filtered out? Check out these 5 great examples of email marketing.

1. Personalize like Poncho.

Poncho provides customizable emails that are both cute and clever. it offers updates on your commute and weather, complete with short bits of text and gifs. They’ll even tell you how it will affect your hair that day. Overall, a great way to provide personalized emails to subscribers.

poncho emails

2. Do more with transactional emails, like charity: water.

Transactional emails provide an opportunity, as well. charity: water tells you exactly where your money is going and the status of the project. These progress updates allow the donor to see the impact of their donation in a truly unique way.

charity water emails

3.Keep it simple, like Uber.

The strength in Uber’s emails lies in their simplicity. Like this marketing email made perfectly for skimming. Images and short paragraphs show step-by-step how their promotion works. This is a good way to quickly convince someone previously uninterested.

uber emails

4.Keep it fun and readable on multiple formats, like Buzzfeed.

Love or hate Buzzfeed, their emails are really good marketing. The subject line is typically short and punchy. The preview text is a logical response to the subject. And then their alt text makes the email readable with or without images. The alt text both tells you what’s going on in the picture and makes it an entertaining read. See an example of an email with and without images below.


buzzfeed emails

5. Make it skimmable, like TheSkimm.

TheSkimm updates you daily on the news in a short and entertaining way. Using headlines to perfectly transition each paragraph or story, TheSkimm keeps their readers informed with little effort. They provide links for longer articles, but the paragraphs in the email alone give you a good understanding of what’s going on.

theskimm emails


Keep it Short and Sweet

When you’re drawing up your next campaign, use any of these examples for inspiration. To sum up some good tricks: keep it short, skimmable, personalized, and entertaining.