Have you ever used YouTube annotations? Annotations enabled publishers to add clickable text overlays to their videos to boost engagement or give more information. For example, asking viewers to like, favorite, or share a video, or link to related videos or content.

YouTube Cards Now Available

Announced yesterday, YouTube “Cards” will take annotations a step further and eventually replace the product entirely.

Similar to annotations, Cards will continue to offer viewers more information, but offer some much needed benefits including working on mobile devices and more flexibility in what you can post. As the name implies, the new interface will feature rectangular-shaped cards that appear to the right of the video (pictured below).

YouTube Cards

Via YouTube

Right now, there are six types of cards available:

  1. Merchandise
  2. Fundraising
  3. Video
  4. Playlist
  5. Associated Website
  6. Fan Funding

How do you use YouTube Cards?

A new “Cards” tab is available in your Video Editor. See screenshot below.

How to Add YouTube Card

Cards are created on a per-video basis. Publishers will be able to provide a destination URL, and, depending on the card type (merchandise, fundraising, video, playlist, associated website, or fan funding) customize the call-to-action text, image, or title. Finally, publishers will be able to track performance of their Cards via YouTube analytics.

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