In WooCommerce you can define shipping flat rates per item, per shipping class, or even per order. We will cover those and some additional options below.

WooCommerce Flat Rate Shipping – Getting Started

Based on your needs you may want to set a flat rate shipping fee per item, shipping class, or order. To get started, visit the shipping settings page in WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping > Flat Rate. Then:

  1. Enable the shipping method
  2. Name the shipping method (this is what customers will see on the front-end)
  3. Set your price

In the example below, we have named our flat rate shipping option “Economy” and set it to $5.25.

WooCommerce Flat Rate Shipping Options

Now we will move on to how to use the rate you’ve defined above on a per item, shipping class, or order basis.

Flat Rate Per Item

If you would like to charge a flat rate per item select Calculation Type > Per Item – charge shipping for each item individually.

In the example below, if a customer had 3 items in their cart they would be charged $15.75 for shipping.

WooCommerce Flat Rate Calculation Type

Flat Rate Per Shipping Class

If you would like to charge a flat rate per shipping class select Calculation Type > Per Class – charge shipping for each shipping class in an order. 

Note: it is important that you have already established and added products to shipping classes to use this method. Learn how to set up shipping classes.

WooCommerce Flat Rate by Shipping Class

Then, you can define the flat rates per shipping class. In the example below, we are charging $5.25 for all products that are in the “Over 10 lbs” shipping class we created and $2.25 for all products in the “Under 10 lbs” shipping class we created.

So if a customer had 1 product that is in the “Over” shipping class and 1 product that is in the “Under” shipping class in their cart they would pay $7.50 for shipping.

WooCommerce Flat Rates By Shipping Class

Note: these are shipping classes we’ve created to define rules for our products, and we’ve already added products to each. Another example of a shipping class you may use is by vendor if you are using dropshipping methods so you can charge what they charge.

Flat Rate Per Order

If you would like to charge a flat rate per order select Calculation Type > Per Order – charge shipping for the entire order as a whole.

In the example below, a customer with 5 items in their cart would pay $5.25 for shipping and a customer with 1 item in their cart would also pay $5.25 for shipping.

WooCommerce Flat Rate Shipping Per Order

Using a per order flat rate shipping option is a great way to encourage customers to buy more products and increase your average items per order.

Other Flat Rate Shipping Options

Trying to come up with a different shipping pricing structure than the ones listed above? WooCommerce will allow you to define some additional costs inWooCommerce > Settings > Shipping > Flat Rate > Shipping Options. We will an example below.

WooCommerce Flat Rate Shipping Methods

Option Name: this will replace the main “Method Title” that you provided in the first step and will be what the customer sees when they are selecting a shipping option.

Cost: the amount that will be added to the “Cost per Order” and any other costs defined in flat rate shipping.

Per-order: (yes) the additional cost per order. If set to no, it will use the “Calculation Type” (order, item, or class) setting that you defined above.

In the example below, we add $5 per order for priority shipping and $10 per order for express shipping to the originally defined cost per order of $5.25. In this example, the following shipping options would be available to customers:

  • Economy $5.25 (defined above)
  • Priority $10.25
  • Express $15.25

Additional Flat Rate Shipping Options WooCommerce

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