What does it take to select a marketing agency?  From the creative review to the final contracts, the agency selection process can seem like a daunting task that leaves CMOs worn out.  But what should you seek from your next agency? By what criteria are other leading companies measuring agencies?  We look to share some of the top things to look for when selecting your next marketing agency.

Examples of Creative Agency Selection Criteria

As part of our recent whitepaper shared with the, we would like to offer you both a preview of this guide and a few pointers on selecting your next marketing agency.

Agency size:  This may seem like an odd criterion to consider, but it is important to recognize how your budget will compare to other clients.  It is best to seek agencies where your budget will place you in the top three clients.  Therefore, you get more attention, more traffic, and more sales.

Category, market segment or product experience:Always chose an agency that has experience in your market segment or industry.  For instance, if you are a healthcare technology company, it would be best if the agency could offer you specific Healthcare Technology Case Studies for other satisfied clients.  Finding an agency with expertise in your industry will minimize the learning curve and bring category insight.  They already know what works, they have the experience, and they can place your message well.

Experience in the required functional disciplines:  Do you need a PR agency to promote you to newspapers and technical journals? A Branding agency that can develop your image? A Social Media Specialist who can promote across many profiles?  Make sure that the agency you consider is proficient in the channels through which you wish to promote.

Location: Do you wish to meet face-to-face with your account manager on a regular basis? This should be considered in great detail.  Unless you are seeking a global ad firm, or are looking to pay for the travel costs each time, you may want to seek a local marketing agency.

Agency self-promotion: Does the Agency care about its own promotion? Does it look to establish leadership through creation of guides, blogs, and social media?  Is the website well-designed? Does it have videos for viewing?  If the agency doesn’t care about its own image, it may be time to move on.

To download visit: Marketing Agency Selection Guide.