Only 10% of top marketing and IT executives believe collaboration between their corporate functions is sufficient. With increased popularity and demand for a digital marketing presence, and with marketing being increasingly reliant on technology, marketing and IT alignment is now a requirement for success.

Customer relationship management (CRM), mobile applications, marketing automation, data warehousing, and social media are just a few marketing initiatives that can create an increased need for marketing-IT collaboration. And in the digital world, a disconnect could prove futile.

Below we will share an infographic based on Accenture’s 2013 study, The CMO-CIO Disconnect, detailing the divide between departments, and provide recommendations for improving the CMO-CIO relationship.



Tips For Marketing-IT Alignment

  1. Having shared goals and metrics encourages both departments to work together and gets everyone on the same page.
  2. Establishing common definitions. Speaking the same language will ensure that there is no confusion between departments.
  3. Share all data. Data should be available to and easily accessible by both departments.

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