A video from the Modern Marketing Partners shows various marketing services available to B2B companies. MMP created the video to bring their services to life while showcasing various B2B (business-to-business) examples of marketing case studies they have completed.

Neil Brown, MMP’s CEO explained, “The marketing world is changing as we know it. B2B companies are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with the changes in marketing and we want them to know that we have the tools and services available to help them generate valuable leads while building their brand awareness.”

Modern Marketing Partners is looking to expand their offerings to B2B companies and wants to make it known that their agency model is flexible and fits to their needs.

We have had several clients come to us with such unique marketing challenges,” says Heather Hawes, Modern Marketing Partners’ Account Director, “What we do is show them how we can tailor their marketing campaign to meet these unique needs while offering new, lead-generating solutions since this is the primary goal of all of our clients.”

MMP has discovered that an integrated approach to marketing is more important these days than it use to be. B2B companies are finding it very difficult to utilize existing traditional marketing activities and syncing them with new, digital marketing methods.

Kelsey Nupnau, MMP’s Director of Digital Marketing mentions, “We have noticed that B2B companies struggle with accepting that digital marketing is a necessity in complementing their traditional marketing. To transition our clients, we refer to our experience with others who have experienced the same. No matter what, its important for our B2B clients to know that if you aren’t using digital marketing methods, you will not be found by potential customers in today’s world.”

Below is the video from Modern Marketing Partners on B2B marketing services offerings:

If you visit Modern Marketing Partners’ YouTube Channel, you can view videos created for B2B clients. Modern Marketing Partners (MMP) provides comprehensive marketing services and creative execution to leading business-to-business (B2B) brands, in the Chicago region and worldwide. We specialize in the management and integration of traditional marketing, advertisingbrandingPR and event marketing with Internet, SEO and social media. Proven approaches that deliver dramatic, measurable results.

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