Label-Aire and Trine–two distinct, established packaging equipment companies–were purchased by Impaxx to form Impaxx Machine Systems. Although Label-Aire and Trine both had positive brand equity, the new umbrella group had none. In addition, brand positioning and messaging were not relevant to key customer needs.


Realizing that it’s far easier to reposition two established brands than to create an entirely new one, Modern Marketing Partners recommended that Impaxx Machine Systems be renamed Label-Aire & Trine Labeling Systems. We then conducted market research to ascertain the respective brand strengths of each, and to develop new positioning. New identities and messages were created and tested–including logos, graphic themes, and taglines–based on the new positioning. Trade ads, collateral, exhibit graphics, direct mail, and websites were also created to reflect the new positioning, allowing Label-Aire and Trine to retain their positive brand equity, while giving both brands a fresh new image.


Label Aire Trine Marketing Case Study

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