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So-called “Live” or “Experiential” Marketing, trade shows are still crucial in many industries including technology, healthcare, construction and more. Leverage your presence with bold graphics. Drive traffic with pre-show and at-show promotions. Don’t just show up! Modern Marketing Partners works with you or your exhibit house to create buzz-generating, award-winning trade show marketing and events.


Wanting to “steal the show,” Forsythe needed an exciting theme their customers would remember. Auto racing was picked for its excitement and its connection to performance and teamwork. MMP developed an exhibit including a formula racecar and photo opportunities, racing apparel and multi-media presentations. Pre-show and post-show direct mail and email drove attendance.


Forsythe had the most successful trade show in its history with prospects lined up for the photo opportunity throughout the event. Over 2,000 sales leads were registered at the event.


forsythe technology marketing

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