Many people listen to podcasts these days, from episodic fiction to panel discussions covering many fields. They can keep you, and your team, updated on marketing strategies and trends or quickly gain insight and actionable tips on a specific technique. And hosting one is a great way to market your brand.

Keep reading to learn three ways listening to and hosting podcasts can improve your business operations.

Podcasts1. Education

From ten-minute soundbites to hour-long deep dives, podcasts provide a way to gain inspiration from other business owners and learn from industry thought leaders.

You can listen to episodes on your commute, while doing chores, or at the gym. They add value to such times and reduce your screen time, which is good for your eyes and brain. Moreover, the stimulation it provides to your imagination sharpens your thinking, and the dynamic quality of human voices keeps you engaged.

While listening to podcasts is a valuable form of multitasking when you don’t have to devote much attention to other things, it is best not to do so while performing a task that requires concentration: the outcome is lower productivity and work quality. Employees listening through earphones also send out a “do not disturb” message, hindering team interaction.

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2. High Visibility at Low Cost

If you don’t want to host a podcast, you can identify ones your target market listens to and ask the hosts to promote you with mentions, reviews, or sponsorship messages. However, here’s why you should consider hosting one yourself.

There are around 1,000,000 active podcasts versus 500,000,000 blogs. Your chances of standing out are far higher.

Moreover, major podcast hosts such as Spotify and Apple promote high-quality podcasts gratis.

In contrast to web pages and blogs, which you must optimize for voice search, podcasts are inherently optimized. With voice search increasingly popular among internet users, a podcast gets more attention on your brand. Once someone has subscribed to your feed, they will automatically receive new episodes without you informing them.

They cost less to create than video content for sites such as YouTube or TikTok, as they require less equipment and fewer skills.

In the long run, they are also cheaper than blog posts. The constant cycle of research, writing, editing, and promotion on social media and via email can rapidly become too draining to carry out yourself – you will end up outsourcing written content creation.

3. Build Authority and Relationships

Consistently interviewing industry experts contributes to your knowledge and provides value to your audience by informing them about topics they are interested in. As you build a backlist of episodes, you raise awareness of your brand and products without hard selling them.

A quality podcast associated with your domain boosts your domain authority, and because their SEO is far simpler than optimization for written content, it will improve your brand SERP ranking.

The typical podcast listener is well-educated and wealthy, making them high-value prospects. By creating value for them, including on-demand content, you win their trust and increase your chances of getting them on your email list and converting them into paying customers.

Email provides a way for your audience to interact with you, creating a two-way relationship that enhances brand loyalty.

In Conclusion

Podcasts are an invaluable tool for learning business skills such as marketing, allowing you to increase your knowledge during times that otherwise offer little mental stimulation. They are also a low-cost, high-visibility means to reach a high-value audience and engage their loyalty.