If you have entrepreneurial dreams and also happen to have a passion for marketing, then the idea of starting a professional agency might have already crossed your mind. It’s a great opportunity to bring together your ambition of being a business owner with your talent for creating brilliant campaigns and working with those clients, but that doesn’t mean pursuing this dream will be easy. If you want to start a marketing agency in the future, below are a few points to consider, before you start making any financial commitments to starting a business.


You might already have a degree in marketing if you chose to study this at college, or perhaps another business subject. While a lot of marketing knowledge can be picked up on the job, going to study this as a discipline can help you learn even more about this field and put you in a better position to open an agency yourself. Learning more about business management as a whole will be greatly beneficial to any entrepreneur, so if you do already have an undergraduate degree in marketing or another business field, why not look into getting your master’s in business analytics? This will help you understand both marketing tactics better as well as how to manage your business more effectively in general.

Develop a Business Plan

If you already work in marketing, you will know how important research and planning are to pull off a successful campaign. This is also true of running a successful business, and if you want your agency to grow and thrive, then carrying out that essential market research to help you create your business plan will be the first thing you need to do. There are many other marketing agencies out there offering businesses quality service and deliver the best results, and you need to figure out where exactly your agency will fit in. If you have never written a business plan before there are online resources that can help you put your together to present to investors or a bank to secure your business loan.

What Kind of Marketing Will Your Agency Offer?

There are various ways to market a brand or product, and you might want to focus your agency on one or two options in the early stages, eventually branching out to offer your clients more services. For example, digital marketing strategies are essential in an age where the majority of the population start a purchase with an online search – so this is something a lot of businesses will be wanting to get help with. You would be assisting your clients in figuring out what keywords best represent them and will boost their ranking in search engines, creating excellent content for their website and marketing material, scheduling social media posts, and encouraging engagement from their followers are all services you can offer. You might even want to add things like creating video content for social media, or TV advertisements. Print media, radio, and podcasts are also areas you could focus on.

Whatever it is you choose to focus on at first, make sure you deliver excellent results to your clients. When your agency gains more momentum, you can then think about adding new service options.

Hire the Right People

Creating quality marketing strategies and developing the materials for these campaigns takes a lot of time and resources. While you can do freelance marketing services as an individual, if you want to work on bigger projects and create entire campaigns you will need help to do this. You might have a solid business plan and marketing strategy developed for your agency, but the bottom line is if you don’t have the right people on your team this can hurt overall operations. You can use a recruitment agency to help you source the best candidates for your job vacancies, as you will need experienced and passionate individuals to help you on your business venture and who will be excited to be a part of it.

Create Amazing Marketing Campaigns for Your Agency

If you want to make waves as the news agency on the block, you’re going to have to make sure you’re creating excellent campaigns for your business. Not only will this increase your visibility and engage your target demographic, but it will also be the perfect opportunity to show off your team’s talent and skills. Having a portfolio on your website and more work to show clients is one thing, but you should also consider the marketing campaigns for your business as part of your portfolio as well. No one is going to want to hire an agency that appears to struggle to promote their business effectively, so see this as your chance to make an amazing first impression.


Networking is beneficial to anyone who wants to move up the career ladder, but it is even more important if you’re trying to get people to notice your new business. There are a lot of marketing agencies out there to choose from, so you need to go the extra mile to make sure that clients decide that you’re the right choice. Attending conferences, trade fairs, and even connecting with other marketing professionals, not just clients, will help you to get noticed in the industry. It’s also a good opportunity to source new talent for your business, and even get tips from other entrepreneurs who have been through the same journey you’re about to embark on.

Marketing is a service that all companies will need if they want to be successful, which is why professional marketing agencies will always be needed. However, starting a business of any kind is always a challenge, and it’s something that requires a lot of careful planning and consideration before you leap. While there is a lot more to think about if you are interested in establishing a marketing agency, use the tips above as a starting point to help you come up with the best business strategy and get noticed.