What is Modern Marketing?
Glad you asked.

To provide some context, let’s go down memory lane. The internet launched circa 1995. Prior to that, advertising was the lead marketing strategy and tactic. In 1960, marketing professor and author E. Jerome McCarthy defined marketing as the Four P’s: Product, Promotion, Price and Place. As recent as 1973, Webster’s dictionary defined marketing as the advertising of products and services.

To reference a famous tagline, “You’ve come a long way baby.” Today, advertising is a secondary tactic for all but the biggest brands, primarily consumer and retail. Internet marketing and social media have become integral to the modern marketing mix.

Let’s take a closer look at modern marketing, inbound vs. outbound, traditional vs. digital. Our Modern Marketing Mix Infographic illustrates all aspects on marketing, along with interrelationships.

Many pundits decry that traditional marketing is obsolete. We at Modern Marketing Partners don’t subscribe to this ballyhoo. Rather, marketing has evolved. Modern marketing is an evolved mix of strategic marketing, traditional marketing, internet and new media, and better results measurement. Modern marketing is more effective. More cost efficient. More measurable. More targeted. More social and mobile. Take a look at our Modern Marketing Mix below.

Modern Marketing Mix

We agree with what Hubspot is pioneering as Inbound marketing. Upon closer analysis, it’s clear that Hubspot is focused on Internet and social media, not traditional marketing.

Modern Marketing Partners has developed, implemented and proven the power, effectiveness and leverage of  Integrated Marketing Communications or IMC, with a modern twist.  Integrating traditional marketing with internet marketing and social media for one purpose, results. Marketing and sales results. Leads and orders. Not soft measures like Twitter Followers or Facebook Likes.

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Glossary of Modern Marketing Definitions

Modern Marketing Partners, a Chicago B2B Marketing Agency, has announced a whitepaper on Modern Marketing Definitions. Download Glossary of Modern Marketing Definitions today!