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Part 3 in our marketing planning series details a marketing planning checklist, a useful tool to identify a broad range
The Importance of Marketing Planning In the midst of this severe market recession, effective marketing planning is more important than
The popularity and use of free publicity, PR, public relations or media relations historically increases when the economy tanks. In
Advertising is one of the most expensive elements in the marketing mix, whether print, broadcast or online. And because of
Achieving top position for keywords in search engine results pages (SERPs) is becoming one of the highest priorities of marketers.
You’ve heard it over and over, “Content is King.” And in just the last couple of years, you keep hearing
No question, modern marketing is a new twist on Integrated Marketing Communications or IMC! And why not? IMC was invented over 20
Modern Marketing Partners Launches IMEC Website with Web 2.0 Best Practices Web 2.0 is defined as a user-friendly, content and
Ok, so modern marketing is very different than marketing 20 years ago. 10 years ago. Even 5 years ago. The
What is Modern Marketing? Glad you asked. To provide some context, let's go down memory lane. The internet launched circa

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