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Say goodbye to manual and time-consuming marketing tasks. We can help you use AI to automate your marketing tasks.

Whether you’re innovating, analyzing, implementing, or scaling, your business can excel by harnessing the power of AI marketing automation. At Modern Marketing Partners, we understand the pulse of the industry, having dedicated years to mastering the art of AI-driven marketing automation.

In today’s fiercely competitive landscape, staying ahead demands more than just staying relevant – it requires redefining the rules of engagement. That’s where we thrive. Companies across diverse sectors have turned to us for our expertise in leveraging AI to transform their marketing strategies.

From designing sophisticated AI algorithms for targeted customer engagement to automating repetitive marketing tasks with precision and efficiency, we handle the complexities of AI marketing automation so you can focus on driving innovation and growth. With us as your partner, your journey towards maximizing the potential of AI in marketing is not just seamless but also results-driven.

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Our AI Marketing Automation Services:

When you collaborate with Modern Marketing Partners, you’re tapping into our expertise in harnessing AI to automate your processes and reach your ideal customers efficiently. Our flexible approach caters to your budget, needs, and objectives, crafting a tailored AI marketing strategy for your success. 



AI Chatbots can engage with customers in real-time on websites, social media platforms, or messaging apps.


Automated Content Creation

AI-powered tools generate content, such as articles, blog posts, and social media posts, based on specified topics or keywords, saving time and resources for marketers.

Sales Outreach

AI enhances sales outreach by automating personalized interactions, ensuring timely engagement with prospects and boosting conversion rates.



AI-driven video production enables scalable creation of high-quality videos, streamlining content production processes and enhancing brand visibility across multiple channels.

Lead Scoring and Vetting

AI algorithms analyze historical data to predict the likelihood of leads converting into customers, enabling marketers to prioritize high-potential leads for targeted campaigns.


AI in the Tools You Already Use

Leveraging AI within existing marketing tools like HubSpot or Salesforce optimizes data insights, streamlines workflows, and enhances campaign effectiveness.

Integrations and Workflows

Integrating AI with a tool like Zapier unlocks seamless automation across diverse marketing tools, enhancing data synchronization, streamlining workflows, and amplifying productivity for marketing teams.

Automated A/B Testing

AI tools automate A/B testing processes by continuously optimizing different variations of marketing assets, such as ad creatives and landing pages, to identify the most effective combinations.

Automated Reporting and Insights

AI platforms automate the generation of marketing performance reports and provide actionable insights, allowing marketers to make data-driven decisions quickly and efficiently.

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