Marketing Faux Pas Campaign Launched by Modern Marketing Partners

Naperville, IL—November 25, 2013 —Is your marketing a Faux Pas? Modern Marketing Partners has launched a marketing faux pas campaign series aimed at redefining the challenges and mistakes made by many marketers.

The series covers a range of marketing topics including advertising, brand identity, web design/Internet marketing, publicity, search engine optimization (SEO), event marketing, and social media. Do you currently commit one of the following faux pas’?








Shocial Media

Click links above for a definition of each marketing faux pas, along with top solutions for each, and examples of effective marketing for each discipline. Modern Marketing Partners is also offering a free consultation for those who are suffering from the aforementioned challenges. Simply visit the respective faux pas page and fill out the quick contact form.

“Our Marketing Faux Pas campaign is a humorous approach to demonstrating common mistakes with different marketing disciplines,” states Neil Brown, Partner and Chief Marketing Officer of Modern Marketing Partners. “The campaign includes banner ads, social media, PR, and website landing pages.”

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