Hot Potato Social Media Marketing Agency Launches

October 29, 2012—Naperville—Modern Marketing Partners is launching a new agency called Hot Potato™ Social Media that specializes in helping companies and brands implement social media marketing (SMM) and related marketing. Social media marketing includes the BIG 5 social networks (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+), but is much broader by integrating planning and strategy, website and search engine optimization, blogging, content, training, measurement and reporting.

Key benefits of social media marketing include improved awareness and search engine authority, sales lead generation, and outright sales. Hot Potato Social Media helps companies and brands leverage the power of social media for measurable and cost efficient results. Hot Potato services are grouped by planning, implementation and measurement, and are available turn-key or ala carte.

Social media planning services include advanced keyword analysis, competitor benchmarking and search engine diagnostics. Social media implementation services include the development or improvement of social media profiles, pages and channels. In addition, Hot Potato provides related services including blogging and content development, website development and search engine optimization (SEO). And Hot Potato can help integrate social media with email, PR, events, promotions and more. Measurement services include analytics and reporting.

“There is a growing business case for effective social media implementation, yet surprisingly, most brands are not leveraging these powerful channels, much less integrating social media into every marketing initiative,” states Neil Brown, Chief Potato Head. “Social media marketing is about improving marketing results, while reducing marketing investment.”

The Hot Potato website has several examples of social media programs, a blog with social media marketing tips, and resources that include how-to guides, and a social media glossary of terms.

A free social media consultation is available to qualified companies or brands. For questions or more information, link to the Hot Potato contact form. 

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