5 Tactics to Keep Your Digital Marketing on Track image

Digital Marketing 5 Tactics

Most businesses understand the value of digital marketing to attract and retain customers. Most businesses have at the very least a company website, a Facebook page, and a Google My Business page. What they might not realize is that this constitutes the start of a digital marketing campaign or plan. What? Wait. You didn’t ever consider digital activities in those terms. Well it is a strategic marketing initiative, and you really need to keep it on track. Let’s first define digital marketing to include all your online marketing efforts like Google searches, SEO, email campaigns, social media, display ads, and company website. You may be doing a few or all of these activities, adding new digital aspects as time has ...

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The Dos and Don’ts of IT Marketing image

IT Marketing

Gone are the days where IT can practically sell itself. Demand for IT is there, but so are competitors. In order to succeed, you’ll have to stand out from the crowd. Want to create IT marketing that wows? Then heed these important dos and don’ts. 3 IT Marketing Do’s Create a target audience, be ethical, and become an expert: 3 important IT marketing do’s. Read on for some solid advice. Do Find Your Target Audience As with all marketing, you need to establish a target audience before anything else. As traditional marketing loses favor, we’re moving away from mass, non-personalized marketing and into more niched and focused marketing. Who are you trying to sell to? What are they looking for? ...

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Is Direct Mail Dead? image

Direct Mail

Many marketers are moving away from traditional forms of marketing, including direct mail. Despite this fact, however, direct mail still seems to be proving its value. With one of the best response rates among marketing mediums, even among young adults, direct mail proves itself to still be a valuable form of marketing communication. Take a look at some direct mail stats and reasons to consider the medium yourself. Direct Mail Statistics Stats for direct mail might surprise you. The response rate is high, even among young audiences. ROI, however, may be lacking when you compare direct mail to its digital counterpart: email. Best response rate: 5.1% response rate , according to the DMA. By comparison, email and paid search receive a 0.6% ...

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Email Marketing Strategy in 2018: 3 Other Important Things to Consider (Part 2) image

email marketing strategy part 2

Okay, so hopefully by now you understand that data is crucial above all else. What else do we have in store for you? Crafting your brand story, implementing AI, and settling the debate on whether or not you should emojis and gifs in your emails. Tell a Story Discounts and promotions may encourage one-time sales, but creating a personal relationship with your customers is what will keep them loyal and with you for the long haul. Use your email as a storytelling technique. Give them a behind-the-scenes look at your business, talk about its roots and day-to-day, highlight its employees and customers, talk about company values, and describe any of your community-related activities. Humanizing your business breaks down the wall ...

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Email Marketing Strategy in 2018: All About Data (Part 1) image

email marketing strategy part 1

Email is still going strong in 2018, so how can you best utilize it? In Part 1, we’ll explore how to best use data – a cornerstone for all of your email marketing (and beyond). Then we’ll break down 3 other important lessons in Part 2. Data’s (Still) Your Best Friend Data is so easy to gather and its benefits can’t be denied. You’re better able to determine which emails work, which don’t, and why. You can easily segment your marketing and create a strategy more tailored to your customers individually. Here’s some of the best ways you can gather and use data. Define and Segment Your Audience You’ll likely gather three types of important audience information: demographic, geographic, and ...

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Use Local SEO Content to Stand Out From the Pack image

SEO Content

Gone are the days of using Yellow Pages to find local business; that search has moved online. With the ever-increasing importance Google places on local search, marketers will need to up their SEO game, namely within a certain region. We’ll look at on-page local SEO elements to include, important link building strategies, customer reviews, and the creation of solid local SEO content. Local SEO Must-Haves Before you can get to the local content, you’ll need to ensure that both your website and the pages within it are locally search optimized. Some important elements to include: Add NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) to the header or footer of your website. Use the name of your city and its suburbs throughout site ...

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