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How to Create a Form With Email Autoresponder in Pardot image

Pardot Form With Autoresponder

In our example we will be creating a form for a download - like a whitepaper, guide, or eBook - where the visitor will fill out the form and then automatically receive an email that includes a link to view. You can apply this setup to virtually any Pardot form you need an autoresponder email for, just modify the email content to fit your needs. Create Pardot Autoresponder Email 1) Go to Marketing > Email > Templates. Click + Add Email Template 2) Add your template information including name, tags (optional), folder, campaign, etc.  The key here is to make you have Autoresponder emails selected at the bottom under 'Available For'. 3) Select from available basic layouts, or use one of your own.  4) Edit ...

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5 Tips for Marketing IT Services image

Marketing IT Services

Information Technology (IT) is growing exponentially. Although there is plenty of demand, there are also plenty of firms willing to supply such services. That’s where marketing comes in. It’s not enough to simply offer your services; you need to effectively implement marketing to achieve sales. But how? We’ve compiled both 5 IT firm challenges and 5 tips for marketing IT services. 5 IT Firm Challenges Identifying the challenges of the IT industry can help us determine what their marketing needs are. What are IT firms struggling most with? It boils down to 5 major challenges: 8% have difficulty attracting new business. 6% have difficulty finding and retaining good employees. 8% struggle to remain innovative. 7% face a difficult economy or an ...

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Information Technology Services Marketing standard

Modern Marketing Partners (MMP) is a leading IT Marketing agency with deep experience implementing marketing for regional and national Information Technology consultants, MSPs, and IT services brands including Microsoft, AWS, VAST, Prescient Solutions, SAP, Acumatica, Sage, the Business Software Education Center, and others. We also operate the IT Executives Council, giving our clients exclusive access to our network of CIOs. Proven Information Technology/MSP Marketing Expertise No question IT services is hyper-competitive, so IT services marketing has to be hyper-effective! MMP has developed proprietary and optimized processes to achieve measurable sales results that includes digital marketing excellence, comprehensive content, lead generation tactics, inbound marketing, and more. A proven and refined IT services marketing approach. Check out the MMP whitepaper, IT Marketing Best Practices Guide. For ...

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IT Consulting and Services Marketing Practice Launched standard

Naperville, IL—February 24, 2017—Modern Marketing Partners, a leading full-service, business-to-business marketing agency based in the Chicago region, has launched a information technology (IT) service marketing practice to provide category expertise and complete marketing services to IT consulting, IT services, channel partners, IT service firms, and related IT solution providers. Modern Marketing Partners (MMP) has extensive experience managing marketing for regional, national and global information technology (IT) brands including Cloud Platforms (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google), VAST IT Services, Prescient Solutions, SAP, Sage Intacct, Business Software Education Center, and others. Recently, MMP implemented a comprehensive digital marketing and lead generation program for Prescient Solutions, a leading managed IT services provider. The ongoing initiative includes thought leadership content, prospect research and email campaigns, website ...

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How to Select a Content Marketing Agency image

content agency selection

No question, content marketing is likely the hottest topic in, well, marketing! Want proof? A 2016 study identified that 88% of business-to-business (B2B) marketers, and 76% of business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers are using content marketing (Source: Content Marketing Institute). This “How to Select a Content Marketing Agency ” blog considers some top thought leaders perspectives on the subject, along with a Top 5 Content Marketing Agency Selection Checklist, and some relevant content marketing resources. Before diving into the subject, consider the same study identified that B2B marketers use an average of 13 content marketing tactics out of a total of 25 possible, while B2C use an average of 12 out of a total of 24 tactics. That’s a lot of content! Our latest ...

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Content Marketing Guide: Best Practices, Tips & Trade Secrets image

content marketing guide

A new content marketing guide is available that details 3 phases of the content marketing process:  planning, implementation, and measurement. Both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) content marketing scenarios were considered. Numerous content marketing examples and resources are provided. The Guide starts with the premise that content marketing is the hottest topic in all of marketing. Why? Because according to a 2016 study by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, 88% of B2B marketers and 76% of B2C marketers are using content marketing. The content planning phase includes defining objectives, determining content topics, and identifying content types or tactics. Regarding tactics, the aforementioned studies identified both B2B and B2C content tactics in the charts below. No question, there are major differences in content types ...

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Content Marketing Guide standard

Content Marketing Best Practices Guide Content marketing is possibly the hottest topic in marketing! Why? According to 2016 studies by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, 88% of business-to-business (B2B) marketers, and 76% of business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers are using content marketing. So what is it? We define content marketing as the creation and distribution of educational and/or compelling content in multiple formats to attract and/or retain customers. This Content Marketing Best Practice Guide details 3 phases of the content marketing process: planning, implementation, and measurement. Both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) content marketing scenarios are considered. Numerous content marketing examples and resources are provided. To download, please fill out the form below and a copy will be emailed to ...

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Why You Should Use Personalized Marketing – And How to Implement It image

personalized marketing

Cocktail party etiquette is a good rule-of-thumb when establishing a personalized marketing plan. In this personalized marketing sequel we go a little more in-depth. We’ll note the benefits and statistics that back this strategy up, as well as some important do’s and don’ts of personalized marketing. Statistics The proof is in the numbers. Personalized marketing has great potential for greater conversion and revenue for your business. Some stats: 74% of businesses that implemented personalized marketing saw an increase in sales. 61% of those also saw an increase in profit. 55% saw an increase in loyalty. Email open rates are 29% higher when content is personalized. Personalized emails also receive 41% greater click-through rates. Despite all these stats, 71% of companies don’t personalize ...

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Personalization is the Cocktail Party Effect of Marketing image


At a cocktail party, you’re sure to participate in several conversations. You’ll tune in and out, remembering little (if any) from most, but then someone says something that actually interests you, and that conversation will receive your full attention. Good marketing is no different – prospects will listen to you if you talk about what they care about. Appealing to your customers’ and potential customers’ interests is easier than it’s ever been, thanks to smartphones and better access to personal data (interests, name, location). With this information, marketers can create promotions for the segment-of-one, and automate it in relatively easy ways. This type of targeting better offers the consumer products, in the perfect place (think of GPS-enabled smartphones), at the ...

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Thought Leadership Marketing Guide standard

Thought leadership as a marketing discipline has been around for several decades. Some credit large consulting firms that published research (e.g. The McKinsey Quarterly, Deloitte Review). Defined as positioning a company or individual as an expert through current, relevant and valuable content, thought leadership marketing (TLM) is intuitively appealing because customers seek information, education, and expertise when evaluating options, or making important decisions. As you might expect, there are many challenges to effective thought leadership marketing including a growing quantity and quality of competitors, and the consequent oversaturation of marketing, communications and sales targeting the same executives. No question time and resources are always a consideration when implementing a new marketing program. Thought Leadership Guide: Tips and Trade Secrets for Success This Thought Leadership Marketing Best Practices Guide will provide insight into these challenges, ...

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Thought Leadership Marketing Guide image

thought leadership marketing

Thought leadership as a marketing discipline has been around for several decades. Some credit large consulting firms that published research (e.g. The McKinsey Quarterly, Deloitte Review). Defined as positioning a company or individual as an expert through current, relevant and valuable content, thought leadership marketing (TLM) is intuitively appealing because customers seek information, education, and expertise when evaluating options, or making important decisions. Another TLM definition references the need for expertise when a high degree of financial or emotional risk is involved. That said, TLM is likely important for a broad range of categories including information technology (IT), software, consulting, big ticket purchases, new technologies, and complex products or services. As you might expect, there are many challenges to effective thought ...

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Software Marketing Best Practices standard

Effective marketing of business software to executive decision makers is increasingly challenging. With broad adoption of software as a service (SaaS), and high valuations for independent software vendors (ISVs), competition has grown dramatically over the last decade. Today, over 100,000 software brands compete in more than 300 categories. At the same time marketing has evolved dramatically to a focus on digital tactics. Today, these digital marketing tools and techniques are more widely available, leveling the playing field, and allowing smaller brands to compete against the giants. Software Marketing Guide: Tips and Trade Secrets for Success So what is a software marketing best practices guide? It’s a proven and refined process for achieving significant and measurable marketing and sales results. First, key marketing challenges that all software vendors face are identified. Second, ...

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Dental Marketing Practice Launched standard

Naperville, IL—November 20, 2015—Modern Marketing Partners, a leading full-service, business-to-business marketing agency based in the Chicago region, has launched a dental marketing practice to serve dental brands in such categories as equipment, consumables, clinical and practice software, consumer products, and more. Modern Marketing Partners (MMP) has extensive experience providing marketing services to national and global dental brands including KaVo, Nobel Biocare, Dentsply, Kerr, Panoramic Imaging, Eaglesoft (clinical and practice software), Aurelia Gloves, Healthpoint Capital, and more. MMP provides complete marketing services, both traditional and digital. Traditional marketing includes branding, advertising, publicity, photography and video, illustration, brochures and technical writing, and trade shows. Digital services include website development, search engine optimization (SEO), email, social media marketing, paid search, and more. In addition, ...

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Dental Marketing Practice standard

The dental market is specialized, both clinically, and from a business standpoint. Dental brands must speak the language of the audiences: DDS, DMD, RDH, students. Chairside or office. Your marketing communications, content and all aspects of digital must embrace the nuances of the dental market. At the same time, marketing is rapidly evolving. Traditional tactics like advertising are less effective, while digital tactics are measurable, but require new age specialists. Introducing Modern Marketing Partners, an agency with deep dental market understanding, along with all the skills to support effective marketing programs. Both traditional and digital. Please scroll to view portfolio examples, and additional information. New Product Launch Web Development Direct Mail Branding Search Optimization Photography Advertising Social Media Video Copy/Content Paid Search Illustrations Design Trade Shows & Events Brochures/Catalogs PR/Publicity Email   KaVo The leader in dental hand pieces sought to ...

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Marketing Automation: Online Tools That Will Save You Time image

Marketing Automation: Online Tools That Will Save You Time

Inbound marketing can be very time consuming work when it relies heavily on lead generation, email marketing, and lead management. As we discussed in our last post on social media marketing automation, that not all the work should be automated. It’s still important to focus on managing a marketing strategy manually as it is to utilize online tools that will help cut your time in half. Here are 5 Online Tools That Will Save You Time: 1. Hubspot Software Hubspot is considered a pioneer in automated digital marketing and as an inbound marketing software company, they have helped numerous businesses transform their marketing. Hubspot proves that marketing automation goes beyond email and helps you integrate everything on one platform. For more on ...

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How Brands Can Use Cause Marketing For Results standard

Once a philanthropic tactic practiced by billion dollar mega-brands, cause marketing has grown to be a key element in the marketing mix for companies and brands of all types and sizes. Research shows 75% of consumers believe companies should support charities and nonprofits with financial donations, while 61% say they will buy a new brand if it supports a cause they care about. Our Cause Marketing guide will share: What cause marketing is Why it's good for your business or brand Strategies for implementing cause marketing effectively Case study examples of cause marketing in action An infographic with the latest trends in cause marketing To download, please fill out the form below and a copy will be emailed to ...

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Modern Marketing Trends to Watch For in 2016 image

2016 Marketing Trends

As a year in marketing comes to an end, we wanted to take a look forward at the hottest marketing trends. Here are the top modern marketing trends to look out for in 2016: Increase in Social Advertising Marketers spent $10.45 billion on social advertising on social advertising this year, up from $7.32 billion in 2014. In 2016, this figure is expected to increase to $13.43 billion (eMarketer). With an increased focus on monetizing social platforms, it is no surprise that organic reach continues to decline. As the organic reach of social media efforts continues to decline, investing in social advertising will become a necessity in 2016. Ad Blocking With more than 250 million consumers already using ad blockers, 2016 will require marketers to ...

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Marketing Agency Selection Guide standard

Selecting a new marketing, advertising, creative, promotion, public relations, or internet agency is one of the most important decisions a marketer will make, complicated by the fact that making the wrong selection can be expensive, even career-jeopardizing, or that most marketers have little or no experience with the process. The Definitive Guide to Marketing Agency Selection To assist, this Marketing Agency Selection Guide will first consider some of the reasons for both hiring and firing an agency, followed by detailed descriptions of 11 types of agencies, a 4-Step Agency Selection Process, along with some additional resources on the subject. To download, please fill out the form below and a copy will be emailed to ...

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How to Use Big Data for Marketing image

How to use Big Data for marketing

  What is big data? It’s hard to say when it’s an evolving term in an evolving industry. Big data can be used in a number of different ways, which can be complex for a company with a massive volume of data. Each industry has it's own structured and unstructured data to analyze, but as the marketing industry has transformed over the years, new software and technology has given businesses of all sizes the ability to reach an audience at lower costs. However, it takes a certain skill in analyzing big data and strategically reach the right customers at the right time. With the help of big data and marketing analytics, large amounts of data that companies have acquired over time can ...

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Content Marketing Tips For B2B Companies image

Content Marketing For B2B

Content marketing is a hot topic! In fact, 86% of B2B Marketers are using content marketing (CMI) . So what is it? We define content marketing as the creation and distribution of educational and/or compelling content in multiple formats to attract and/or retain customers. Below we  will take you through the content marketing process. Planning; deciding what type of content marketing works best for your company and a content schedule. Implementation; including tips on how to write blogs, case studies, and white papers, and how to distribute your content. And finally, measurement; metrics to use to determine if your content marketing is effective. Content Marketing Planning The quality of a content plan can support both the effectiveness and efficiency of your content marketing initiative. Begin your planning by determining the mission of your ...

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10 Catalog Marketing and Design Tips image

Catalog Marketing and Design Tips

Despite rumors of its demise, catalog marketing can be successful when properly executed. Because of incumbent printing, production and postage costs, catalog marketing can be quite expensive and unprofitable if not implemented correctly. Besides high profile, big budget consumer catalogs like Crate and Barrel or Victoria’s Secret, what are effective techniques for business-to-business or niche market catalogs? To answer this question, we will share the top 10 Catalog marketing and design tips below: 1. Catalog Brand Identity Foundational to catalog marketing success is the strength of your brand. Established brands enjoy brand awareness while new brands must rely on effective brand naming, and compelling graphic identity. Strong brands typically use their brand names or trademarks for their catalog name. Unknown brands must use a compelling ...

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The Unseen Bond Between Content Marketing and Copywriting image

At Modern Marketing Partners, we love to keep you updated on the recent changes that affect the marketing world.  One of the most important considerations in your content marketing is the effect of copywriting, the ability to write compelling media that will drive people to make a decision. But what are the differences? What are the similarities? How do they impact each other? After broader research of the topic, we found an article that we would like to share about the competition and correlation between the two.  Titled “Content Marketing vs. Copywriting: Top Strategies for 2014,” this post in Social Media Today by Julia McCoy gives in-depth analysis of the effects of both on your overall marketing strategy. We’ve narrowed ...

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Startup Marketing Best Practices Guide standard

The growth and popularity of startups has never been greater, with a record number 700 unicorns ($1 Billion market cap), in the first half of 2021 alone. Yet the failure rate of startups continues to hover at 90% including a 20% failure rate in year 1. Fortune magazine published a study on startup failures that identified the Top 20 Reasons as stated by the founders. “No Market Need” ranked as the Top Reason for failure at 42%, followed by “Lack of Funding” at 29%, and “Poor Marketing” as the 8th reason for failure at 17%. Taking a closer look, 8 of the 10 reasons for failure are marketing related, with “Ran Out of Cash” and “Not the Right Team” the ...

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Social Media Marketing For Beginners standard

Social media marketing (SMM) is the use of social media profiles and networks to distribute and share content, information, offers and promotions to market companies, brands, products or services online via the internet for the purpose of building awareness, improving search authority, and driving sales leads or e-commerce. With over 27% of total U.S. Internet time being spent on social networking sites, not having a presence is truly a missed opportunity for businesses. Are you a business looking to get into social media marketing, but just not sure where to begin? Our Social Media For Beginners Guide Will Share: What social media marketing is 6 reasons and you need it What networks are right for your business 10 basic steps to ...

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Information Technology (IT) Marketing Best Practices standard

In the not so distant past, marketing of software systems, hardware or IT services was secondary in importance to sales and business development. Today, changing market dynamics have forced IT product and service providers to reconsider and elevate marketing to mission critical  status. Our IT Marketing Best Practices guide will share: 4 Reasons that effective IT marketing is more important than ever The top 10 IT marketing best practices IT Marketing Infographic Case Study To download, fill out the form below and a copy will be emailed to ...

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