Analytics and Reporting

Analytics are invaluable in maximizing your online marketing and sales generation leads, and improving your website’s user experience. They tell you:

  1. Who visits your website
  2. How they got there
  3. What they did once they landed there
  4. Where they went afterward

As digital marketing leaders, Modern Marketing Partners has the analytic and reporting expertise to help you quantify your website’s return on investment. Our data-driven approach can help your website grow.

It’s All About the Numbers

Web analytics deliver unmatched date about your website, your visitors, and their behavior. Some important aspects include:

Traffic Sources – where visitors to your website are coming from. Are your SEO efforts working? What online marketing strategies are working? PPC? Social?

Site Behavior – what visitors do once they get on your website. How long do visitors stay on a specific page? Are they clicking through to another page?

Conversion – are customers completing your intended goal when they visit your website? Conversions may include form registrations, purchases, contacts, etc.

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