Nexonia Software


Nexonia is a leading provider of expense management software, rapidly expanding into related applications for a complete financial and human resource management solution. How can Nexonia continue to thrive in the expense software category undergoing rapid consolidation?


MMP audited the Nexonia website and digital marketing program to identify opportunities for improvement including extensive email, website content, blogging, white papers, case studies, paid search, and social media. A thought leadership brand and entity was established to rise above the noise and take on industry leader, Concur. The Expense Management Institute sponsored by Nexonia sought to educate broad markets in support of new customer acquisition.


Nexonia continues to grow rapidly, and was recently merged into K1 Investment Management with several other expense management related brands to form a powerhouse that competes effectively with industry leader Concur. The Nexonia brand continues to lead the new consortium of expense software brands.


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