Brookside Veneers


Brookside Veneers is a small manufacturer of wood veneers used in furniture, cabinets and many other applications. Targets include architects, designers and fabricators, that typically use a search engine to identify suppliers of wood veneers. Brookside’s digital presence was dated, and not search optimized resulting in declining sales.


Modern Marketing Partners (MMP) evaluated competition, and implemented a breakthrough new website design, with complete search engine optimization (SEO), deep sample galleries of veneer “swatches”, and informative videos. Social media networks were deployed and integrated with the new website.


The new Brookside digital presence recently launched (October 2013), and is already realizing increased growth across all analytics (approx. 5000 unique visitors in the last 30 days). Organic traffic increased by 15%. Verbatims from customers and distributors have been vociferous in praise. MMP will continue to monitor metrics and deploy content.


Brookside Marketing Case Study

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