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Has your engagement on your online content ever been much lower than expected? While this can be a very saddening moment in any content creator’s life, there is something that can be done to save you from that disappointment in the future. While you can promote your content yourself via social media or email, sometimes you just need to get beyond your own audience to have the most success. Content promotion could be just what you need. Content promotion services put your content on websites that have a wide audience and reach, which results in much more traffic for your site. The ultimate goal would be to make those random visitors regulars in order to build a bigger audience, but ...

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Proving the Worth of Your ‘Sliced Bread’ Content to Prospects image

Content Marketing Content Brand

In the great grocery store that is the internet, your content could be the greatest thing since sliced bread. It could be a well-written, topical, informative, and even slightly entertaining blog post, eBook, or infographic that is sure to turn a reader into a lead. Unfortunately, if you’ve ever bought bread at a grocery store, you know that you face a two-part challenge: Getting to the bread aisle/remembering to buy bread and choosing the right bread.

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Google Algorithm Timeline

Google has long been the leader of search engines and its influence is far-reaching. Ranking on Google means being visible on the Internet; conversely, not ranking makes you invisible. Over the years, Google has perfected its search algorithms to provide better searches for its users. On multiple occasions, its major updates have required marketers to completely shake up their strategies. Below is a timeline of major changes from 2011 to 2017, followed by a description of these updates. Google Algorithm Timeline Major Updates Penguin Initially launched in 2012, Penguin was created to catch sites spamming its search results, particularly by buying links or obtaining links from networks created primarily to boost Google rankings. Launched: April 2012 Most recent: October 2016 ...

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LinkedIn Matched Audiences How To

On Monday, LinkedIn announced the launch of Matched Audiences. This new feature gives advertisers three new options for targeting people they already know: Website Retargeting Account Targeting Contact Targeting These options will be available for LinkedIn advertising products including sponsored content, sponsored InMails, and all other ad formats LinkedIn Matched Audiences – Website Retargeting LinkedIn Website Retargeting will allow you to create target audiences from your website visitors. Anyone who has used custom audiences on Facebook or tailored audiences on Twitter, will be familiar with this long awaited strategy. 1) Go to your Campaign Manager > Create a new campaign > Select your ad type (sponsored content, text ads, or sponsored InMails) > Enter your campaign name, choose ad destination ...

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Google Dropping the Hammer on Unscrupulous Partners image

Remarketing Google AdWords

Do you ever get a call from a friendly robot who claims to be either “from Google” or “working with Google”? Have you ever had someone guarantee you page one SEO placement because they were a Google Partner? Have you ever had an agency that promises preferential ad placement because of their relationship with Google? These people are the scourge of the agency community, and Google is cracking down—hard.

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